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FINAL FANTASY FABLES: CHOCOBO TALES is a Nintendo DS title developed by h.a.n.d as apart of the Chocobo spin-off series. It is notable as it's one of the very few titles in the Chocobo spin-off series to be released outside of Japan.


For an early DS title it looks pretty good however I'm not a fan of the drawings of the summons. Toshiyuki Itahana's character designs on the other hand look great as always.


Music wise it's pretty basic, they've just re-used some old tracks by Nobuo Uematsu, which while still great tracks are very repetitive.


The story written by somebody at h.a.n.d is pretty childish as this title is aimed at children.


Gameplay is what this game is all about with a large variety of mini-games and micro-games that require use of Nintendo DS specific features like the stylus. Mini-games must be completed at various levels of difficulties in order to progress the story. However despite being a children-focused game some mini-games can be prove quite frustrating, one such mini-game will see your hand grow tired. The Yu-Gi-Oh! inspired card game is pretty good though.


All in all the game does what it's supposed to do and looks good in the most part but some mini-games are just too annoying.



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