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Sora96's Deadman's Cross Review

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Deadman's Cross is a free-to-play game by Square Enix Business Division 9 for iOS & Android. Produced by Shinichi Tatsuke with battle design by the legendary Hiroyuki Ito, character design by Akira Oguro, composed by Naoshi Mizuta and the story by Yuri Tsuchiya.


Graphically the game is pretty good and the menus are all simple and work well. I had little issue navigating anything.


As expected, Mizuta has composed some nice tracks that fit the game well while Ogure has some pretty character designs and Ito has made an interesting battle design. Sound effects are nice too.


Gameplay wise it's okay, you use a gun to shoot some zombie creatures and collect cards to use duels you don't control, you do get to customize your deck though. You'll complete missions and collect items however you have limited chances each day to go out and collect zombie cards. Chances are you'll only complete one mission a day.


Honestly, it's an okay game, you might find more enjoyment than me in it. It's also now available on PlayStation Vita but only in Japan & North America.





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