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Problems with updating KH Unchained X for Android! Help is needed!

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Hello everyone! So it's pretty much what the topic is saying. I can't seem to update my KH unchained x from version 1.0.3 to 1.0.5 ( I tried updating it to 1.0.4 aswell bit didnt work ). Ive tried updating it from APK and Qoo app, the download works but once it is complete it just tells me "App not installed" and I have enough memory space for the update and I got a samsung galaxy s4. Sadly I can't try uninstalling the game since I havent made a backup. So any help on this would be appreticiated! :)

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I'm gonna assume you tried downloading it again to see if it solved the problem, or did you just completely ignore it? :PI gotta agree the story is quite weak but still a fun game to play, don't wanna throw all those hours away for nothing! And besides, hoping for a transfer from japaneese to english version when it get's released.

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