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I'm celebrating my KH Tumblr reaching 35,000 followers!

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So, you may or may not know this, but I run a Kingdom Hearts-themed Tumblr called f***yeahkingdomheartsseries and it is very close to reaching 35,000 followers!


In order to celebrate, I am going to be doing a Kingdom Hearts-themed "Would You Rather?" game. I'll be taking prompts from lovely people such as yourselves and answering them in a video. I may or may not get some special guests to join me ;) It'll be wonderful!


Please keep suggestions semi-appropriate. I don't want every suggestion to be "Would you rather have sex with Goofy or Mickey?". Just, be creative, and keep it KH-themed. Thanks!

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Here's an interesting one.Actually it's two now.  Would you rather: join your friend of light or darkness ( or maybe none). Second question, would you rather: be forced to accompany your friend of light or dark, that ends up in a journey. (Really can't say both for the second one, since that would have to be coincidental for a story or something.

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