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Warp blade (magic and abilities)

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Hey. So- cool ability that a certain ffXV character could teach Sora or "give" like Cloud did in Kh1- "warp blade." Sora throws his keyblade at whoever he's targeted at- warps toward- and can continue the combo either close range or use a finisher depending on how the combo system has been tweaked. What do you think?


While we are on this topic- what other sort of active or passive abilities do you want to see?


It'd be cool to have flow motion abilities you can attach on a seperate chart. Like "flow charge." It's a pretty lame name but it can launch Sora forwards into a spiralling attack.


Really want to see not just a magic shortcut menu but physical attacks as well-either on a seperate shortcut or the same one so we can have attacks like Strike raid and such which we can then combine with others. Really we have enough variety what with attraction flow and keyblade transformations but I don't knooooowwwww.

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That sounds really cool.


Maybe if we run into Noctis he could give us his "Warp Strike" ability or as I just found out its called "Armiger Arsenal" and if we activate it maybe we could use that ability like you said to warp in on the targeted enemy and zip around to attack.And maybe like how Noctis summons all of his weapons when using this ability, maybe when Sora is using this power and when it's at its maximum power instead of just using the Keyblade that we currently have equipped, Sora could summon ALL the Keyblades that we had collected throughout the game when the ability is at its maximum power and pull off one more massive strike. Now THAT would be an amazing addition to KH3.

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