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  1. Hey. So- cool ability that a certain ffXV character could teach Sora or "give" like Cloud did in Kh1- "warp blade." Sora throws his keyblade at whoever he's targeted at- warps toward- and can continue the combo either close range or use a finisher depending on how the combo system has been tweaked. What do you think? While we are on this topic- what other sort of active or passive abilities do you want to see? It'd be cool to have flow motion abilities you can attach on a seperate chart. Like "flow charge." It's a pretty lame name but it can launch Sora forwards into a spiralling attack. Really want to see not just a magic shortcut menu but physical attacks as well-either on a seperate shortcut or the same one so we can have attacks like Strike raid and such which we can then combine with others. Really we have enough variety what with attraction flow and keyblade transformations but I don't knooooowwwww.
  2. Kingdom hearts 3 has a long way to go. 0.2 will be played. People will cry out and voice their opinions. Then things in kh3 will most likely be changed in accrodance to whatever problem that the game will have. I often treat demo's like beta's. Tetsuya and his team will hear feedback and all will be great. It's always gonna hae flaws. There's no use in telling you this if you're just going to see the worse though. I do have similar worries- though I'm not as worried. Good thoughts though
  3. Eh. 90 to 95% of the time i want the trinity trio. But I'm thinking maybe in the second keyblade war we suddenly swap over to say Lea or Kairi or whoever and you're fighting a seeker of darkness. But for sure- keep it with Sora.
  4. Hmmm interesting. So maybe they start you off with two choices right away? But it would seem awkward to sort of just throw you on the map and make you choose a world straight after the cutscene.. so now starting off in destiny islands or elsewhere is a very strong posibility... that being said- not once did Sora use flow motions in Hercules world- yet he used it in Corona. So whichever world you go to first- straight after will be some sort of event where Sora gets his new outfit and powers? Personally I think he'll get that from disney castle. It makes sense
  5. Maybe you just see nearby shrubs or trees just sort of lean in? I imagine that's as far as they'd go. Programming like rocks and anything that's not sucked to the ground would cause problems just imagine a huge chunk of metal flying towards Sora or a rock... i mean the properties of magnet seem to drawin enemies- metal or not. So i think it can apply to more than just metal c:
  6. Yeah- having a revisit of destiny islands would be cool. In a trailer i remember him picking up Eraqus' keyblade. Maybe that's where it starts? In a recent interview with Nomura- Sorry i can't source it -I think Tetsuya said something along the lines of "I don't want the players to be confused about why Sora starts where he does." I think "thegamersjoint made a recent video called "news flood" the article might even be on here... So starting in destiny islands woudn't make the players scratch their heads would it? And yeah but things can change... It's still odd that he has his old outfit and Donad and Goofy doesn't appear until later... That being said- Sora was seen to have two different keyblades in the same level. Unless we can simply believe that the footage shown is a slightly earlier version or they simply want to show that Sora will have his old outfit for a brief time? Maybe it was just to show a transition.
  7. So from all the trailers we've seen- including the latest- Sora has consistently worn his kh 2 garb in the Hercules world. Now I know it was said somewhere that tangled would be the first world but... most people consider Hollow bastion to be the first world in kh 2 when in fact it was twilight town. Also- You can see as Sora is ascending the mountain (by following the river bed and jumping over those wooden poles) Donald and Goofy is not with him. I'm thinking that as Nomura said- the game drops you straight into the action. Sora went off to train with herc before realizing that the heartless are back. He goes to find Herc at the top of (what we can maybe assume to be mt. Olympus? I am likely wrong) before Donald and goofy find him- saying that Mickey and Yen sid need him back at the tower as a new threat or whatever has appaeared. We see later in the trailer(s) that donald and goofy are NOW with him. Also- in the jump festa- defeating those flying enemies only gives you 1 exp point... seems like the first world to me. Thoughts?
  8. Hi- my name Is Tiernan (Tear)- as in the thing that comes from your eye - (nan) As in the thing that gives you kisses on the cheek. I played Kh 2 when i was about 8 or 9. And it was amazing. Just recently i started playing KH 1 and Birth by sleep. The rest I have watched multiple playthroughs for on youtube and such. I love gaming with a passion and I hope to either become and Actor or even a game developer. I just finished high school too. By the way I'm from Australia- it's a neat country. I'm pretty excited for Kingdom Hearts 3 and I can't wait tohave some crazy theories and discussions with everyone here!
  9. Hang on- for the people that did see it... Do they have an embargo not to tell anyone what they saw?
  10. So I've been brainstorming for awhile and.. I'm pretty sure somewhere it might have been confirmed that Tangled is the first world. But let's say Hercules is first- I would imagine that Sora goes there alone to train with Hercules though he can't find him. He comes across Heartless and takes them on (The tutorial). Meg shows up- tells him what's going on. (Something something plot) Just then Donald and Goofy find Sora- and tell him that he's needed back at Yen Sid's tower. However he promised Meg he would help Herc- so they continue on and make their way up the mountain. And yeah. I think the level will lead to Zeu's temple- where they're transported to Olympus. And I think that's how THAT will come in to play. Hercules is seeking help from the gods but they admit they can't do much- confessing that Hades has returned, stronger than before. Sora promises to return to help Hercules deal with him- as they're leaving a heartless gladiator appears- where perhaps limit commands and the party system is re-introduced. Far later in the game- They'll return (Hopefully on numerous occasions- that would be awesome) To take on the titan and finally perhaps Hades again. That'd be cool. No doubt the gods will play into KH 3. I'm so hyped.
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