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Heartless Card Enter The Gungeon

Heartless Cards - Enter the Gungeon

SHADLET: When the Gundead falls into darkness, the shadows take over. The Shadlet is a small Bullet Kin designed to be extremely similiar to the base Bullet Kin seen in Enter the Gungeon, with heavy inspirations from the Shadow Heartless. The name is simply a combination of Shadow and Bullet.


AMMO ANTHEM: Sing the song of Guns reloading! The Ammo Anthem is the Darkness in a Gun Conjurer, designed after the musical themed magic Heartless with implementations of the Conjurer's robes. The name comes from Ammunition and Anthem.

FRAGGER: The Fragger is an explosive Heartless that has one goal: To blow up. It is designed after grenades of course. taking ques from the Pinhead Gundead and the Minute Bomb Heartless.. The name comes from the nick name for Fragmentation Grenades, or Frags.

GUN CALIBUR: The Gun Calibur is a fusion of the Gun Nut Gundead and the Armored Knight Heartless. The name is a double pun: The calibur of bullet and the famous Excalibur sword!

TANKYU: The Tankyu is a more custom Heartless, with inspiration from the Hot Rod type. Designed after a Tank, this small bit of Darkness packs a powerful punch! The name is a bastardization of "Thank you".

MAD GUN AND THE CHAMBERED: The custom Heartless boss, the Mad Gun and the Chambered! This dual Heartless is deisgned to be a weapon wielded by the High Dragun. Shooting out the Chambered as bullets to hit their targets! The Chambered are then designed to return to the Gun! Also, the Mad Gun is can fire without a wielder! Once the Dragun is defeated, you still have to contend with the trigger happy Mad Gun!!

That is it for the Enter the Gungeon Heartless! This is a bit new to me, so please let me know if you want to see more! And Stay Tuned for the next one!

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