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Character Card - Riku

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Character Cards: Riku Master Riku Riku, the Master of the Keyblade, the one who walks the Way to Dawn, smeller of Darkness, enemy of the heartless of Xehanort, and self taught Keyblade Wielder! Riku is one of the wielders of Light, being the original wielder of the Keyblade of Light before turning to Darkness. Now he walks the path to the Dawn and is immune to the Darkness, using both in balance! Now to see how he preforms against the final battle with Xehanort! For Riku, I modeled his design mostly after his KH3 appearance, because IT IS SO CLOSE TO BEING RELEASED. I designed one side of the color of his hoodie to resemble his sleeveless vest from KH2. I gave him his undershirt from Dream Drop Distance, along with the Dream Eater symbol on his base shirt. I incorporate the same belt buckle detail from Sora to show his tutelage under Master Yen Sid. With his pants, I included the straps seen on his KH1 outfit, the knee pads from his Dark Form outfit, and darker versions of the pockets from his KH2 outfit. For his shoes, I gave him the straps from his Dream Drop Distance design, along with the groves from his KH1 design. With his Keyblade, the newly released Braveheart, I kept it the same from what we have seen in trailers, with the energy glow we see when he attacks. On his other hand, I had him use his darkness powers, which I thought would be a nice time to show his Dark Form creeping in from the use of his powers almost symbiote-like. For his Title Logo, I tried to emulate the design of Sora's, with the crown being replaced with the Hidden Mickey symbol for his "i" dot. The vote for my next one will be on my twitter! @ClarkDesigner!

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