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Keyblade Card - No Redemption

NO REDEMPTION A Keyblade designed after the Nephilim elements of DmC: Devil May Cry! This Keyblade is designed to have increase in both Lightness and Darkness strength! The shaft and handle of the blade is designed after the rebooted version of Rebellion and its shapeshifting properties. The teeth of the blade is based on the Angel form of Ophion. The hilt of the blade is formed from the Arbiter's demonic teeth. The keychain and Token are based on the new Amulet design for Dante. The World Logo is Limbo City, the main setting of the game. The design is based on Mundus' building, with the effects of Limbo creating two wings, and the camera eyes of Mundus on the center. The font is slightly based on the logo itself. The name comes from the Combichrist sound track released for the game.

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