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Keyblade Card - Psuedopod

A Keyblade modeled after the slime form of Rimuru from That Time I Got Reincarnated into a Slime! This Keyblade is designed to make the most out of the Blizzard and Water spells! The hilt guard, shaft and teeth of the blade are all designed after the malleable slime body of Rimuru. The cross guard has the Demon Mask that Rimuru inherited, along with the Starwolf fur. The handle and Keychain are designed after Rimuru's katana, with the pommel being inspired by Rimuru's boots. The Token is Rimuru's iconic slime form! The World Logo is Tempest, the nation of monsters that Rimuru established. The design is based on the manga's title design, with the chapter number's drip design. The name comes from Pseudopodia, the term for the arm-like extensions of single cell membranes.

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