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Keyblade Card - Proficient

PROFICENT - A Keyblade designed after the darker world of Pathfinder! This blade is designed to have Light and Dark abilities! The hilt of the blade is designed after the Aboleth, the eldritch beings that may or may not have created life on the planet, as it feed into the damaged blade of the shaft into the diety of light and life, Sarenrae to form the teeth. The pommel as a D20 on it, as Pathfinder is a D20 system. The token is that of the Starstone, a cataclysmic event that formed the world of Pathfinder as we know it.  The world logo is that of the Flipmat, a special mat sold by the makers of Pathfinder for playing. The name comes from Pathfinder having a lot of Proficiencies in their game. 

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