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Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Famitsu interview.


A recent issue of Famitsu magazine featured an article on the upcoming Kingdom Hearts game for PSP, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. This article included an interview with the series' director, Tetsuya Nomura, where he discusses the development of the game. HEARTSTATION.ORG have translated this article, and thanks to them, you can read it below.

-A 2010 release has finally been decided upon, hasn’t it.

Nomura: At the end of the year is ‘FFXIII’, and I think you’ll be able to enjoy ‘Birth by Sleep’ in January.

-By the way, about when in January?

Nomura: Hmm… I hope it’s earlier. It shouldn’t be as late as February, so please wait just a little longer.

-Board game-type screens, and battles where Disney characters are co-operated with and the like; many exciting scenes have been appearing. It seems a great many elements have been put in, doesn’t it.

Nomura: No, no, what we’ve unveiled so far is only just the beginning. Particularly this time, where we displayed a test-play of multiplayer, there is no downloadable content, but, it is packed full of more than enough things to enjoy playing. You can also play that board game-type content in multiplayer.

-How loaded… will it fit on one UMD1?

Nomura: According to the staff, it should fit somehow (laughs). Well, we’re still making it, or course, so we don’t know for sure how much it will take up.

-In the pictures, the new samurai-like character that appeared was a point of interest.

Nomura: He’s the master of the three protagonists, isn’t he. As for the voice, I was able to get a voice actor whom I was keeping in mind for when a suitable role came up, but I unfortunately couldn’t ask to do any work, to cover it.

-Speaking of voicing, Master Xehanort’s apprentice finally spoke…

Nomura: That voice was… my own.


Nomura: Of course that was a lie (laughs). It’s a surprise, so please let me keep it a secret.

-That must mean there’s some kind of gimmick about it, doesn’t it. Moving on, we were also finally able to play as Aqua, weren’t we. In the test play, our eyes popped at how her clothes were gaping open at the back.

Nomura: Ah, we plan to revise that, because the design is changing. Because it’s turning into an over-sexy version, at the moment.

-Perhaps there will be some people who think that’s a pity (laughs). And so, what is the state of development?

Nomura: It’s progressing satisfactorily. This time, because of the order of release dates, there’s are parts that must wait, and there were contents that I haven’t been able to show you yet, so we will put out best efforts into the winter event.

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what does it mean when he says about the samurai that he's the master of the 3 thats extremly confusing isnt it master xehanort

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