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FiGPiN reveals Riku, Shadow Heartless and Mickey pins exclusive to Target; former 2 available in stores today

FiGPiN has revealed a trio of new Kingdom Hearts-themed pins, them being Kingdom Hearts II Riku, a Shadow Heartless, and Mickey!

All three of these pins are exclusive to Target stores, with the Kingdom Hearts II Riku and Shadow Heartless pins being available today! There is currently no word on when the Mickey pin will be available to pick up in stores.

These pins are not viewable on FiGPiN's website, but due to their prior Kingdom Hearts-themed pins being $15.00, that same price applying here for each of the pins seems likely. 

FiGPiN also teased that there will be another character exclusively making its way to their website, but due to their vague wording, it is unknown if this upcoming character will be Kingdom Hearts related or not.

You can check out their announcement posts on Twitter and Facebook, and their website here. FiGPiN has also had Sora, King Mickey, Donald Duck and, Goofy pins, though they are all sold out now.

Do you have any intentions of purchasing any or all of these 3 new Kingdom Hearts-themed pins? And which Kingdom Hearts characters do you want to see pins of in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

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0.2 alertnate title : how i lost my shirt

Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep -how i lost my shirt

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