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Final Symphony producer says they'll "definitely think about" a Kingdom Hearts-themed Final Symphony


In an interview with the Square Enix Japan Community Manager at Square Enix Europe, Dan Seto, the producer of the Final Symphony concert and album Thomas Böcker says that they will "definitely think about" doing a Kingdom Hearts-themed Final Symphony.


Final Symphony is a concert and now even an album that features features music from the Final Fantasy series. This is recorded and performed by the world famous London Symphony Orchestra in Abbey Road, London. The Final Fantasy series is the first ever video game to have music recorded or performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. Masashi Hamauzu, one of the composers for Final Fantasy X and the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy has also been involved, arranging the songs alongside Jonne Valtonen and Roger Wanamo, and the arranged works are based on compositions by him and Nobuo Uematsu, the composer of many Final Fantasy games, who acts as a consultant for the concerts and album.


You can read the full quote below of what Thomas Böcker, the producer said in response to doing a Kingdom Hearts-themed Final Symphony. Would you like to see a Kingdom Hearts-themed Final Symphony? Let us know in the comments below.

“Yeah that would be quite the job but why not? We’ll definitely think about it,” Thomas teases. “It takes us about a year to do a new concert so it’ll take a lot of planning. I think we’re crazy coming up with all these new ideas for concerts. Nobody else does it to this extent!”

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Yes, they should do a Kingdom Hearts concert, a lot and I do mean A LOT of honest Kingdom Hearts fans would pay to go see a concert such as that, based on the franchise's very own music and also, if possible, some if not most of the fans should get to have the chance to request at least one favourite song of theirs from Kingdom Hearts to appear at that said concert, seeing it be performed right in front of their very eyes and ears alongside fellow Kingdom Hearts fans, of whom they can enjoy the concert with, again, I say they SHOULD do a Kingdom Hearts concert because it would be sheer awesomeness, nuff said :].

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