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"GAME NOVELS Kingdom Hearts III Vol. 2 New Seven Hearts" available for pre-order at the Square Enix e-Store (Japan); releasing July 25, 2019


The second volume of the Kingdom Hearts III novel, authored by Tomoco Kanemaki and illustrated by Shiro Amano, is now available for pre-order at the Square Enix e-Store (Japan)! It is priced at 800 yen and will release on July 25, 2019. A cover is yet to be released.

You can read the description of the novel below. (Thanks to KH13 team member @Mio-chan for the translations!)


True love can thaw a frozen heart! In order to protect the hearts filled with light, travel the Disney worlds through the 2nd volume of the Kingdom Hearts III novel!

You will first travel into a world, Kingdom of Corona, where resides a young lady with a long beautiful golden hair and a pure heart. You will secondly go into a company named Monster, Inc., that turns children’s laugh into energy in Monstropolis. Then you will encounter Pooh Bear who lives peacefully inside an old picture book, in the Hundred Acre Woods. Finally, you will go after a runaway queen who, fearing to hurt those she holds dearly, is running away by herself to the mountains, in Arendelle. Sora, Donald, and Goofy are visiting various worlds in Kingdom Hearts III Volume 2!

Writing: Tomoko Kanemaki; illustrations: Shiro Amano

The first volume of the novel, which released in Japan last March, can be purchased here.

UPDATE [Jun 25, 2019]: Square Enix have revealed the cover for the Game Novels Kingdom Hearts III Vol. 2 New Seven Hearts! If purchased from the Square Enix e-Store (Japan), the book will also come with a postcard showcasing the same cover art! You can see the cover art below.


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