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Here’s how to participate in our community upon Kingdom Hearts III’s release


With the release of Kingdom Hearts III upon us, we would like to share an overview on how you could participate with the KH13.com’s community features!

This article will go over the KH13 forums, spoiler policy, Discord, Twitch integration, and how to contribute to KH13’s Datascape!


Everyone is welcome to join the discussion (and start them!) in our Kingdom Hearts III forum!

If you are discussing spoilers, make sure to not put the spoiler on the thread title itself, and to type it in-between spoiler tags. To use a spoiler box to hide your spoiler, simply click the ‘eye’ button on the editor. For our full forums spoiler policy, click here.

You are also invited to our official Discord! Click here to join!

Our Discord server has its own set of spoiler guidelines. For instance, there are specific channels to discuss Kingdom Hearts III story or gameplay. For more information, take a look at the #announcements channel in the server!


Did you know that there's Twitch integration on our website? If you link your Twitch account with your KH13 account and you livestream any Kingdom Hearts game, a link to your stream will appear in the sidebar of our website!


For anyone interested in this feature, press the “Add Your Stream” button at the bottom of the "KINGDOM HEARTS TWITCH LIVESTREAMS" tab on the sidebar, and sign in with Twitch on the following page to link your accounts. Whenever you are streaming a Kingdom Hearts game, just make sure to set the "Playing [X]" field of your Twitch stream to anything containing the words “Kingdom Hearts” in order for your stream to appear. Otherwise, your stream will not show up in the list. 

For more information on Twitch integration, read here!


KH13 also has its own Datascape! Along with our long-standing picture and video galleries and interviews section, we have also started our very own Kingdom Hearts wiki section!

We'd like to invite everyone to contribute as much as they like. You can:

- Create new projects (projects are collections of pages, like "Characters" or "Worlds")
- Help manage existing projects
- Participate in the project discussion topics
- Create new pages in projects
- Edit and add information to pages in projects

To create a new project, use the "propose a new project here" topic in the Kingdom Hearts Datascape forum to suggest and discuss new project ideas. After this, we'll create the database for you, and you'll be ready to start working on it. 

To create a page:

- Go to the appropriate database (for example, Characters)
- Click the “Add New” button on the top corner of the page
- Fill out the editor like it appears, including all fields
- Click “Save” at the bottom of the page. The page is now available to be edited and seen by everyone

To edit a page:

-Go to the page itself and click the "Edit" button at the bottom.

For more information and to ask questions, take a look here!


Kingdom Hearts III will officially be available worldwide in less than 9 hours. Let's get this show on the road!

Follow our master coverage of Kingdom Hearts III and stay up to date with the latest news via our Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Discord!

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