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KH13 Giveaway: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate + Fighters Pass 1 and 2

In a collaborative partnership with ALFHEIM NORDIC AS, KH13 is hosting a giveaway for the base game of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and its 2 Fighter Pass DLC packs; the second of which contains Sora from Kingdom Hearts!

This giveaway is being conducted on KH13's official Twitter page. Prospective participants must simply retweet the announcement tweet and follow the KH13 Twitter account to be eligible for victory. 

There will be 1 chosen winner on October 18, 2021. Further, this giveaway is applicable globally, meaning there are no specific regional requirements. The winner must have a PayPal account to be transferred the $120 (USD) needed for the base game of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and its 2 Fighter Pass DLC packs.

Good luck to all participants!

If you missed it, check out our Kingdom Hearts Chess Set giveaway, which also concludes on October 18, 2021.

Additionally, we have compiled all recent news information that every Kingdom Hearts fan should be knowledgeable of.

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