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KHUX Monthly Schedule (March)


KHUX has revealed its monthly schedule so players can prepare for the upcoming events! Here's the schedule in full:


Unknown: The surprise events will pop up this month as well!

March 3rd: Prize Challenge with T10 Kyroos

March 4th: Chasm of Challenges update

March 6th: White Day event + avatar boards reprint

March 7th: Special 2-day Union Cross, where everyone will get rewards depending on their Union!

March 9th: Raid Week | New event where you can get Gems | Medal strengthening event

March 13th: Celebration of Disney's new movie: Onward! There will be medals and events!

March 16th: Raid Event: Elemental Gems | Reprinted Avatar Boards

March 17th: Deluxe PVP week

March 18th: 10-challenge event

March 20th: Big Bonus Challenge

March 21st: Clarice's Screen Debut celebration

March 23rd: Scrooge's Screen Debut celebration | Deluxe Union Cross week

March 26th: A time-sensitive event where enemies appear at certain times will appear!

Late March: Story/Proud Mode Update

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