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[KHUX NA: 06-11-2019 & 06-13-2019] Maintenance, Chasm of Challenges, Illustrated Terra Board, and Story Quest Update


Following last night's server maintenance, players can now continue to take part in the weekly raid event! 


The Radiant Reward Raid Event is from June 10th, 2019 to June 16th, 2019! Defeat the raid boss with your party during bonus times to receive more lux when the cost of AP is 0! If the raid boss is defeated during the bonus time, the raid boss' level increases twofold. Bonus times are below:

PACIFIC TIME    UTC                  
2:00AM - 2:59AM 9:00 - 9:59
8:00AM - 8:59AM 15:00 - 15:59
2:00PM - 2:59PM 21:00 - 21:59
8:00PM - 8:59PM 3:00 - 3:59



A new keyblade challenge will be available from June 11th, 2019 to June 20th, 2019. Complete the challenge with the corresponding keyblade to earn gems and more! 


A new quest is now available starting today! 


The Chasm of Challenges Round #2 is another permanent quest, which means you can attempt it anytime! The Chasm of Challenges Round #2 tests your abilities with no continues. The challenge is for advanced keyblade wielders and require specific keyblades to take on the challenge. The further one progresses through the challenge, the stronger enemies become and friend medals cannot be utilized through this challenge. There are many rewards that are available once completed such as: 6★ Chip and Huey, Dewey, and Louie medals, and gems. 

A new Skill Enhancement Board is available from today, June 13th, 2019 to June 30th, 2019. Get 5 powerful skills from the enhancement board for 2000 Jewels. The skills available can be seen below.

Skill Enhancement Board A Skill Enhancement Board B
Attack Boost IX MAX (6★ Scrooge) ATK B VIII MAX & GA 0 (6★ Scrooge)
ATK B VIII MAX & LUX+ (6★ Scrooge) ATK B VII MAX & GA 1 (6★ Scrooge)
Defense Boost V MAX (6★ Scrooge) ATK B VIII MAX & GA 2 (6★ Scrooge)
Poison + II MAX (6★ Scrooge) ATK B VIII MAX & GA 1 (6★ Scrooge)
ATK B VIII MAX & GA 1 (6★ Scrooge) Defense Boost VI (6★ Scrooge)
6★ Huey, Dewey, & Louie 6★ Huey, Dewey, & Louie


An Illustrated Terra A board is now available from June 13th, 2019 to June 30th, 2019. Illustrated Terra A can now be upgraded to Supernova+ and has a 15% chance to ignore a target's defense boost! To upgrade Illustrated Terra A to Supernova+ requires 5 Dual Meow Wow [SAB LV 9]. The board is 9,800 Jewels and includes 6 7★ Illustrated Terra A, 12 trait medals, 1 Attack Boost IX MAX (6★ Scrooge), and a 6★ Huey, Dewey, and Louie medal.

Special Attack Gauge/Tier Damage 
[Target: All] Deals 13 hits. 1 turn: ↑ U- & M-STR 10, ↓ target's M-DEF 10. 15% chance to ignore target's Defense Boost. 2/9 × 41.99 
With Booster: 
× 64.09
[Target: All] 1 turn: ↑ U- & M-STR 10, ↓ targets' U- & M-DEF 10. Triggers before slot 3 is activated when defending in PVP.
2/9 ×160.00 



New story quests have been added today! 5 new story quests are available to play.

Skuld and Ventus encounters a mysterious entity.


For more updates on KHUX, follow us at KH13chi on twitter! 


User Feedback

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The new keyblade challenge is set up better than others. The "easy" quests give you event coins while the "hard" quests give you gems. While I do appreciate that the rewards are not "you'll never be able to get this again" rewards, it does make me feel bad if I can't complete them (considering I've been playing since launch).

The new chasm challenge can apparently be turtled, though it sounds like you have to have the right amount of defense buffs, HP, and you need to be able to deal enough damage to beat out the enemy's healing each turn.

We're now starting to see a bit of a difference in quality between the enhancement boards. Board A is definitely the standout this time around as it has higher-level attack skills. While AB7 and AB8 skills aren't bad, more power seems to be the name of the game these days. Still, don't buy the skill boards unless you actually need a skill from one of them.

Ill. Terra is yet another defense break medal which makes him good for PVP, but his multiplier is a bit lower than the others due to being an AOE medal. If you have enough Terras to evolve him from T4 to T9 then you definitely should, but I'd caution anyone wanting to get the board. It's a little pricey. It may come with 12 trait medals and cost less than a falling-price mercy, but there's no guarantee that you'll get good traits from those trait medals.

Finally, story quests! If I'm remembering correctly, this starts the beginning of 1000 jewel rewards for completing story quests. Previously it would be 250 jewels every few quests, then it changed to being 750 jewels per set of 5 quests (for the more recently released quests). I appreciate more jewels, but I'd really like to catch up on the story a bit faster than we are.

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