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[KHUX NA: 09-20-2019] SN++ KH CoM Sora has arrived, Fungus's glasses in Union Cross, and daily gem event



The first SN++ medal has arrived to Kingdom Hearts Union x! Until November 18thSN++ KH CoM Sora is guaranteed within 5 draws if you purchased the WJE. Through the Standard Draw SN++ KH CoM Sora is guaranteed within 10 draws! Standard Draws offer 10 Limited VIP Coins per draw and VIP Draws offer 30 Limited VIP Coins per draw! 

Information regarding SN++ medals:

  • Strength and Defense can be increased up to +5000 with Boost Medals.
  • Supernova will deal increased damage if it has the advantageous attribute against the enemy.


SN++ - KH CoM Sora (7★)
[Maximum STR:39270]

[Target: ALL] Deals 13 hits. 1 turn: U-Medal STR +1500, self [↑ STR, U- & S-STR 10], targets [↓ DEF & S-DEF 10], SP ATK B +200%. Damage+: Higher HP.

[Target: ALL] [Mastery] 1 turn: U-Medal STR +4500, self [↑ STR, U- & PSM-STR 10], targets [↓ DEF & U-DEF 10], SP ATK B +280%. Count ±0.
Triggers before slot 2 is activated when defending in PVP.

Gauge:2 Tier:10


× 67.03-80.64

Supernova Damage:

x  220.00


Challenge daily quests until November 14th to receive up to 35 gems! You can also receive Chip and Dale medals!


Until November 17th, receive spirit pet part Fungus's glasses from Union Cross by collecting cross coins! Fight the Extra Hard Boss during Bonus Times for more coins! Challenge Union Cross during Bonus Times to fight rare enemies and Extra Hard Bosses that are harder to defeat for more cross coins. 

User Feedback

Recommended Comments

This new Sora looks like a nice medal and all, but his aren't really that different compared to medals like Ultimate Form Sora and 2nd Form Sora. Even though the new Supernova++ aspect is interesting, it doesn't feel like something you need to rush to get. The banners are split between VIP and F2P again, though fortunately there's none of that "1 out of 3" nonsense. If you have VIP, it wouldn't hurt to get this medal. For F2P players, though, I recommend waiting.
Keep in mind that November is when we get Black Friday deals, so keep that in your mind when spending jewels this month.

The Heartless event is pretty easy, similar to the daily Halloween event from last month. As for Union Cross, it's another grindfest, though this time it's for basic rewards like Chips, Dales, Brooms, and Mirrors. If you don't think you can manage all of the boards (and who could blame you, with next week being a raid week), try to at least get the free jewels from these boards. Remember: there are about 2 of each board, so don't forget the jewels from them!

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