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[KHUX NA: 07-29-2019] This week's WJE is here and Supernova KHIII Marluxia, Guardian Form Sora, and Angelic Amber have returned





From now until August 5th, Supernova KHIII Marluxia, SN Guardian Form Sora, and SN Angelic Amber have returned! All three medals can be obtained within 5 pulls of their corresponding banners. Each draw comes with 2 trait medals! 

Supernova - KH III Marluxia (7★)
[Maximum STR: 25456]

[Target: Single] 1 turn: ↑ STR & R-STR 15, S-STR 10, SP ATK B +170%, ↓ target's R- & S-DEF 15. Count ±0. Has a 30% chance of being a critical attack.

[Target: All] 1 turn: ↑ R- & S-STR 10, SP ATK B +200% (+250%). 
Triggers before slot 3 is activated when defending in PVP.

Gauge:6 Tier:9


× 47.12 - 73.00


× 160.00 
(× 200.00)

SN - Guardian Form Sora (7★) 
[Maximum STR: 23673]

[Target: All] Deals 3 hits. Damage+: Higher slot number.


[Target: Single] Triggers before slot 5 is activated when defending in PVP.

Gauge:6 Tier:9


× 61.71 - 67.60


× 180.00 
(× 220.00)

SN - Angelic Amber (7★) 
[Maximum STR: 25000]

[Target: Single] Unleashes the same SP attack as the next Medal. Works only when set before a Medal.


[Target: All] 1 turn: SP ATK B +200%. (+250%) 
Triggers before slot 5 is activated when defending in PVP.

Gauge:5 Tier:9


× 36.21


× 140.00 
(× 180.00)


This week's Weekly Jewels Extravaganza has arrived! Purchase the package to obtain 3000 jewels and the following through VIP quests!

  • VIP Jewels & Avatar Parts: receive 1400 jewels and a Hibiscus Lei (skill perk +7)
  • VIP Gems: 10 Moon Gems, 100 Power Gems, 10 Speed Gems, and 10 Magic Gems
  • VIP Skill: Attack Boost X Max. Deals 3 times more damage. Has a 100% trigger rate at max level.
  • VIP Medal: 7★ SN+ KH III Aqua
  • VIP Spirit Parts: receive an Orange Moonpup 




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These are all good medals, but I can't help but feel like something bigger is coming. It's up to you if you want to drop 15k jewels on 1 of these banners, but I don't recommend going for them if you already have the medal and you just want traits. There are better ways to get traits, and for a cheaper price, too.

Other than that, VIP is basically the same this week as it has been, so I don't have much else to say about it.

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