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Kingdom Hearts January merch roundup: HotTopic and BoxLunch goodies, scrunchies, Destiny Trio hoodies, character-themed outfits, shortalls, and more

As 2019 came, so did January, so did Kingdom Hearts III, and so did all the merch! KH13 is therefore duly back with its monthly Kingdom Hearts merch roundup.

The first merch to report might be a good choice in case you’re looking for some cool streetwear or winterly accessories. Gamestop is selling a Kingdom Hearts themed New Era baseball cap (fitting name, I must say) for $24.99 and a beanie with pom for $14.99.

GameStop have also started to sell a Heartless themed Satchel for $20, and a Sora Wallet for $19.99. These two goodies look absolutely stunning, and might be even better if paired to match an evening outfit. Speaking of... these might be a good accessory to wear at the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World of Tres-!

Looking for some fancy looking Destiny Islands or Keyblade inspired t-shirts? You might want to take a look at these. According to fan @TheFluffMother, the Destiny Islands one is being sold by BoxLunch, and the other one is by Spencers.


You might also want to consider to replace your old and holed socks with this new pair of Kingdom Hearts Icon Socks, which is going for $9.90 on the BoxLunch website. Be aware that this article is currently discounted by 25% ($7.42)!

In case you’re looking for hair accessories, keep in mind that Kingdom Hearts Scrunchies will release in Japan in April 2019 with a price of 3200 yen each ($29.27). The available designs are based on Sora, Riku, Kairi, and Roxas!


HotTopic sure has much to offer in terms of hoodies and jackets! They have started selling a bunch of new Kingdom Hearts III character-inspired clothes:


But that's not all: HotTopic is also selling an Organization XIII long jacket, which is currently priced at $103.90, and a Riku jacket for $59.90.








Looks like HotTopic also wanted to catch shortalls lovers’ attention too by offering this amazing Kingdom Hearts shortall for $49.90. They are also selling a KH3D shirt designed with the official game cover artwork, and it comes for $24.90.


HotTopic is also selling Kingdom Hearts icon soft shorts for $19.90 and a Heartless hoodie for $54.90 on their online shop.




Now that you've got your hands on Kingdom Hearts III (and have probably been playing it for hours and hours and hours), your addiction to Sora's new outfit might have grown so much that you are looking forward to cosplay him. You know what? This hoodie from HotTopic is a really good choice for both cosplay purposes and casual wear, and it can be yours for $59.90. This tip and photos were provided by @KingdomPlayer19 and @Churro!

Looking for a light-colored shirt, perfect for those warm and sunny days when your only thought is to lie down on a gold sandy beach? It seems that despite the cold weather, Hot Topic has managed to bring some 
summer sunshine with the
Sea Salt Ice Cream/Paopu Fruit shirt for $24.90.

Let's shift our attention from clothes to collectible figures. You might be interested in these new exclusive Kingdom Hearts figures from Diamond Select Toys, which are currently being sold at Walgreens.


Have some of the listed merch caught your attention? If there is anything which you are considering buying, don't forget to let us know in the comment section below!

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