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Kingdom Hearts Minimates by Diamond Select Toys revealed at New York Comic Con 2017; releasing in 2018


Diamond Select Toys will soon be releasing Kingdom Hearts figures from their Minimates line. These 2 inch figurines were first revealed at the Diamond Select Toys booth at New York Comic Con 2017. The Minimates that were shown off were the Kingdom Hearts II Sora, Wisdom Form Sora, Kingdom Hearts II Mickey, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Mickey, Timeless River Mickey, Donald, Donald in his royal wizard outfit, Space Paranoids Donald, Timeless River Donald, Goofy, Tron, Sark, and Shadow Heartless figurines.


These are different than Diamond Select Toys' Kingdom Hearts figurines in their Vinimates line, which were also displayed at their booth at NYCC 2017, along with their Kingdom Hearts Select line of figures.


Check out photos of the Kingdom Hearts Minimates, provided by the official Diamond Select Toys Twitter account, Toy Hype USA, Toy News International, and Toyark, below:



UPDATE [Nov. 4, 2017]: Series 1 of the Kingdom Hearts Minimates will be coming in 2018! They will be sold in three different two-packs. The two-packs include Kingdom Hearts II Sora with Donald, Kingdom Hearts II Mickey with Goofy, and Space Paranoids Donald with Tron. The two-packs will be $9.99 USD each, and every two-pack comes packaged on a full-color blister card.


All of the figurines have 14 points of articulation and have fully interchangeable parts. They also have character-appropriate accessories, such as Keyblades, Identity Discs, etc.


What do you think about these figurines? How do you think they compare to the Kingdom Hearts Vinimates and the Kingdom Hearts Select figures? Let us know down in the comments!

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Is it just me, or do these seem very unsettling? Like, the faces look very weird. So do the bodies.

Yeah the figures are not worth it. I just prefer play or bring arts.

Or Funko.

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Is it just me, or do these seem very unsettling? Like, the faces look very weird. So do the bodies.

The bodies are block-based, so the parts are fully interchangeable for customization purposes. The heads are cylinders, or at least cylinder-based, so any removable parts like hair or helmets can be switched between characters. And they're $10 or less for a pack of two, so they really aren't meant to compete with a pricey PlayArts or Figuarts figure. We do have our larger Select Action Figures out now, which are more realistically sculpted, and those range from $10 to $25, depending on how many figures are in the pack. We also make full casts of NBX characters in both styles, and we've made Pirates of the Caribbean and Peter Pan Minimates, so there is a certain amount of crossover potential, as well.

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