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Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded light novel coming August 20th, 2019; available for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes and Noble


Yen Press will be releasing the light novel of Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded on August 20, 2019. A description has been provided which you can read below.


With the Organization defeated, all is right with the world. Mickey and his friends from Disney Castle have returned home, only to find a mysterious message has appeared in Jiminy's journal that Jiminy knows he didn't write. When they go to investigate, a new adventure begins in the hidden worlds inside the journal...

Pre-orders are being accepted by Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The novel will cost $14.00 as a paperback.

Will you be adding this novel to your collection? Let us know in the comments below!

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Thanks again for the wonderful news, Leamax!

I wonder what new things the Re:Coded light novel will include that weren't in the game? Because for the BBS Light Novel, the whole part of Vanitas's suffering and his longing to be complete aren't present in the game, but make for an interesting addition to the light novel! I wonder what Re:Coded will do differently from the game? :o

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