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Kingdom Hearts Sea-Salt Ice Cream Watch Available for Pre-Order from U-Treasure for ¥27,500 ($250.32); Tentative October 2021 Shipment

U-Treasure has revealed a new Kingdom Hearts-themed product available for pre-order from their digital store. The merchandise this time around is a Sea-Salt Ice Cream Watch.

This wristwatch is adorned with the iconic series crown present on Sora's necklace, miniature symbols of the heart, the Keyblade, and King Mickey's head. A design of Twilight Town is also present on the watch's backside.

You can view this watch via our gallery below:

This watch is currently available for pre-order from U-Treasure for ¥27,500 ($250.32) and has an expected shipping date of late October 2021 that is subject to change. Additionally, the pre-order period starts today, May 28th (JST), and ends June 29th. (JST)

Do you find this wristwatch's imagery of Kingdom Hearts pleasing to the eye? Let us know in the comments below!

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Oooh! I would definitely get that.....if it weren't for that darn PRICE!!!! Why does all the KH merch hafta be so expensive.........

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That's just the JP price. If it comes to the West, it might be different, but still expensive.

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That's a lot of munny.

It's even more expensive than the KH3 OST.

More than twice as much, actually

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