Kingdom Hearts Watch 3rd edition releasing March 2018; pre-orders at 21,600 yen to start February 8th


The Kingdom Hearts watch from the ZOZOTOWN's Disney Lifestyle Collection is getting a third edition, this time featuring the Keyblade symbol. On its back side, it has a carved seal of a heart (and a serial number). Like the previous watches, it comes in a box with a silver-stamped Kingdom Hearts logo.


You can see pictures of the watch below.



The watch will be available for pre-order on Rendez-Vous on February 8th at 12am JST. Only 100 copies will be sold, not unlike the 1st edition watch, which sold out all 50 copies in only one minute. Pre-orders will close on February 28th at 11.59pm.


The product will then be shipped in early March 2018.


Find the product details below.

Price: 21,600 yen tax included (196,6~ dollars)

Box size: 34 mm, thickness: 6,8 mm,

Movement: Quartz

Strap width: 16 mm, material: cow leather, strap color: black

Wrist circumference: 165mm ~ 200 mm, full length: 230 mm, waterproof for life

Made in Japan

Manufacturer: U-TREASURE


Translations are courtesy of KH13 Staff Mio-chan.

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Thanks for showing this to us, Aquaberry!


You know, I would really love if a Kingdom Hearts watch with a Heartless Emblem released, or with the emblems of the other enemy types: the Nobodies, Unversed and Dream Eater Nightmares! That would be a cool design to have on a KH watch! :D

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