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  1. These renders lookin' like a SNACK
  2. I rather play it first before forming an opinion.
  3. KHFreak123

    Someone's holding a Peachette contest apparently

    Lol It's gay (Don't take that the wrong way)
  4. KHFreak123

    Someone's holding a Peachette contest apparently

    *sigh* This whole thing is stupid lol
  5. KHFreak123

    The Kingdom Key I

    F*ck LMAO
  6. KHFreak123

    The Kingdom Key I

    It's called Dawn Till Dusk.
  7. KHFreak123

    What do you expect to see in the longer TGS trailer for KH3?

    I mean... change Xion to Data Riku/Repliku and I would pick that.
  8. KHFreak123

    When we will see Big Hero 6 trailer?

    I mean.... Narnia would be pretty dope world tho.
  9. KHFreak123

    Who'd be Sora's ideal opponent in Smash Bros?

    Pit. Because they why not?
  10. KHFreak123

    I don't want Kingdom Hearts III to end tragically or bittersweet.

    Didn't Nomura say that KH3 will have a happy ending somewhere?
  11. Only for Mom to die because... Disney
  12. KHFreak123

    The Missing Primary Antagonists In Dissidia NT.

    Caius Balled - FFXIII Just add him already Square!