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New Kingdom Hearts bags and accessories now available to pre-order on Merchoid; releasing October 2017


Various Kingdom Hearts-styled accessories have been recently made available to pre-order for limited availability on the "geek merchandise" shopping site, Merchoid. These items include a sidekick bag, a zip purse, a necklace and earring gift box, bracelets, and socks. These items are currently planned to release in October 2017, but dates can change due to delays in manufacturing.


You can pre-order the Sora Cosplay Sidekick Bag for $42.99 USD here, the Sora Cosplay Zip Purse for $35.99 USD here, the Necklace and Earring Gift Box for $15.99 USD here, the Arm Party (bracelets) for $16.99 USD here, and the Sora Sublimated Socks for $13.99 USD here.


Check out images of all the merchandise here:



What do you think of these items and accessories Will you be picking up any of them up? Let us know down in the comments!

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That messenger bag is actually pretty damn slick. I don't tend to go for those style bags (and I already have a sweet Persona 5 one anyway =P) but it's nicely styled.


Unlike those socks, which... what?

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