Secret Honey announces Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII coat (¥34,000) and Organization XIII Mickey short coat (¥42,000) for women; releasing December 2, 2017 for Japan and February 2018 worldwide


Japanese retailer Secret Honey, a brand for fashionable women's clothing, has announced two new licensed Kingdom Hearts-inspired items for its Disney Collection:

  • Organization XIII Mickey short coat, selling at 34,000 yen (approximately $306) before tax
  • Organization XIII long coat, selling at 42,000 yen (approximately $378) before tax.

The coats will be available to purchase at the Secret Honey shops on December 2, 2017.


You can see pictures of the coats below:



Description of the items are as follow:


① Organization XIII coat · short (Kingdom Hearts · Mickey ver.)


Zip-up coat with Mickey's ears with a short length.

[interior pattern includes] Kingdom Hearts world icons · King Mickey · [Kingdom Key] Keyblade, with full pattern print

Large zipper and silver bracket points, with hood covering like Mickey ♥

Metal fitting can be removed with a hook.

Price ¥34,000 + tax


② Organization XIII coat · long (Kingdom Hearts ver.)


A long-length zip-up coat resembling the Organization XIII coat.

It features the same lining and silver metal fittings as the short-length coat.

Large half zipper is decorated in the lower half, and it is nice that you can look like a member when you wear your coat.

It's possible to remove the metal fitting with a hook.

Price ¥42,000 + tax


[Please be sure to check the following notes]

※ Models wearing images and actual things have some modifications and may be different. Please purchase after confirming this.

* The design of Disney Collection of Secret Honey is anofficial licensed item under the formal supervision of Walt Disney Japan Co., Ltd.


© Disney


Thanks to @aibo_ac7 for the tip!


UPDATE [Dec. 4, 2017]: Secret Honey has listed the Organization XIII Mickey short coat and the Organization XIII long coat on Rakuten. The coats are now available for purchase on the Japanese site. Click here for the short coat or click here for the long coat.


The global site has the Organization XIII Mickey short coat selling for ¥36,720 (approx. $325 USD) and the Organization XIII long coat will cost ¥45,360 (approx. $400 USD). Pre-orders for both these coats will begin on December 5th at 6:00 PM JST (4:00 AM EST) and will be shipped in February 2018.

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They really do look amazing, especially the inner fabric with the world icons is cute, but the price is salty.

I know it's a licensed product and probably a good quality brand, but I don't like spending that much money on a coat I could easily do myself, except for the inner pattern...

A simple black coat can be easily bought for half or less and the metal fitting is also available from certain shops. If I sew it myself it's even cheaper.


But official brand clothing is always more expensive so it's not exactly over the top. Especially for coats. They're just not affordable for a lot of people.

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I feel like a lot of the clothing out there based on the Organization XIII coats are a bit tacky looking and not that great, but these coats actually look really fashionable, cute, comfortable, and something you could wear every day. :D That price tag though.  x.x

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