Kingdom Hearts Sora Stained Glass Watchman Beanie now available at Hot Topic for $14.90 USD


A watchman style beanie featuring the Sora stained glass art from Kingdom Hearts is now available to buy at Hot Topic for $14.90 USD. It's currently on sale for $11.17 USD. You can order the product on the Hot Topic website here.


You can view the pictures of the product below:



Hot Topic includes other Kingdom Hearts products in its listing, such as the Kingdom Hearts bedding and pillowcase set and decorative pillow.


Let us know if you plan to purchase any of these Kingdom Hearts merchandise!

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Thanks for showing this to us, Aquaberry!


Ah, I am very happy that Hot Topic is getting more and more Kingdom Hearts merchandise as of late! I've gone to Hot Topic quite a few times recently, and the abundance of KH merch is very reassuring! :D

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A blue beanie... featuring Sora... worn by a orange-haired girl...
They're really pushing the good ol' Digimon Sora comparison, aren't they?

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