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  1. A blue beanie... featuring Sora... worn by a orange-haired girl... They're really pushing the good ol' Digimon Sora comparison, aren't they?
  2. Yes, I'll also join in: we (as in italians) already have all KH but DDD and the Chi combo fully translated since the beginning. We were denied DDD's translation as a punishment for having downloaded illegaly too many games in the past, but that was the only time.
  3. Finally my country got something too, jeebus. I can't personally go, but I'll have people there in my stead
  4. Okay, this translation is really different and adds a lot. Also clarifies some shady stuffl ike Naminé actively saving Terra and where were them. I think Mickey never saw him there. That's also how they sorta explain him not realizing Apprentice Xehanort was Xehanort in Terra's body. He didn't even know what the guy looks like.
  5. They've been flashing "reconnect" to us for years, I'm not surprised nor bothered about these two characters interacting. The point of KH III is merging all stories into one, I honestly would be really bored if they kept the same set of characters interacting only with their already established friends. What is this, first day of high school? Regarding of when it happened, it's a puzzle. It could be anywhere and I have theories, but if the text is still being translated I should wait on those. About HOW, instead... well, Nobodies and LW are quite similar creatures. It is possible Xehanort thought of LWs when developed the Nobodies plan, and both are beings depending on "Will" (not Turner). Plus Xemnas is also connected to No Heart armour and they share the symbol. So who knows? This might be another link between them.
  6. Paolo Ricci

    Unused World/Map in KH3D

    But, Worlds never have the same name as the movies, right? Knowing that, TP could mean anything at all.Also, deleted areas do not guarantee a comeback, as seen with the Jungle Book hidden area.