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  1. you still use the site

  2. Are there any original members left?

    1. CardCaptorDeadpool
    2. Oli


      tbh seeing a 2009 user isn't something we usually do

  3. It's me your boy, I can't believe this thread is still active after 7 years
  4. Deadpool, who am I? you ask. I am you but stronger

    1. CardCaptorDeadpool


      I am in great pain please help me


    2. Deadpool


      Nice meme friend. Wubba lubba dub dub!

  5. hello human, i see you were stalking my page

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    2. Yuya Sakaki

      Yuya Sakaki

      Well it's nice to meet someone so great to this site.

    3. CardCaptorDeadpool


      no do not praise me

    4. CardCaptorDeadpool


      I am but a phantom pretending to be real

  6. Just gonna save this shit into my fap folder. It's fappening, it's finally fappening fam :')
  7. I once said the Osaka team were over qualified to develop Kingdom Hearts III . I also said Final Fantasy Versus XIII wouldn't be finished anytime soon. I don't mean to brag or anything but I'm kinda psycho.
  8. I don't recognise anybody here :(

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    2. CardCaptorDeadpool


      I kinda used to be a big deal around here

    3. Nero Kunivas

      Nero Kunivas

      Then you left I presume?

    4. CardCaptorDeadpool


      yes I left but I have returned


  9. I would prefere to wait until the HD remix is out in Ireland but I couldn't resist having quick out f context sneak peaks at the footage. I really, really quite enjoy how all the Disney World's content takes up the first half of the game and that they' fully voiced. I think it's amazing this cutscene compilation is a lot more concise and better connected for having the gorgeously animated battle sequences. I really liked the original 358/2 Days DS game and I adored the cutscene compilation in last years 1.5 HD remix. Although I did feel it was lacking, however I really seriously appreciate the fact SE appear to of addressed those issues with the new re:coded cutscene compilation. You I was never that interested in the re:coded, I played it a bit but I couldn't click with it. The most enjoyment I derived from it was the half hour worth of cutscenes in it.
  10. Well technically in saying they'd bridge the cutscenes better in this cutscene compilation they implied there'd be no more text scenes abridging details between cutscenes. I've taken a spoilery peak at the re:coded cutscene compilation and I'm very happy SE kept to their word on the fight scenes connecting cutscenes better so there's no longer the jarring invisible fights taking place inbetween cutscenes, like in the 358/2 Days cutscene compilation . I absolutely adored the presentation of those cutscenes but I disliked how a lot of events were disjointed and short changed because they lacked what would've been a playable battle in a normal game, and the didn't replace it with an animated battle. Plus I did find the amount of text scenes a rather cheap way of abridging events rather than animating more cutscenes. Having said that, I do appreciate how concise and focused the Days cutscenes were. Anyway sorry for that tangent I basically just wanted to praise the re:coded cutscene compilation for improving on the shortcomings of the still fantastic Days cutscene compilation. I do appreciate that despite the fact they kept in text scenes, that they're not just static events, in that Mickey narrates over them
  11. I leave for 6 months and this is how you repay me

  12. IYou've betrayed me Youngblood

  13. Ask thy question and thou shall receive thine answer

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    2. CardCaptorDeadpool


      Villi is my novice, it his destiny for him to become the avatar of my will

    3. Lalalablah
    4. CardCaptorDeadpool


      I am still prepared to answer all queries

  14. Once again youngblood

    1. CardCaptorDeadpool


      You have sought out my guidance

  15. Youngblood you need no captive affectionate recipient. In time you will find strength deep within. A power most potent will present itself.
  16. I am so done its not even funny. Sonic is wearing a fuçking scarf. Who does he think he is? The Proto-Hipster? In all seriousness, I actually quite like these new designs!
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