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  1. i hated...hm... the pride lands. and visiting all the disney worlds in general. it just seems so tedious.
  2. i guess i should say: belated merry christmas!
  3. hot and not so white. a tad tiring, too. this is why i like spending christmas back home where there's snow! ._.
  4. have you heard of that one that's a phobia of long words? and it's a long word? seriously, who comes up with these??
  5. wow, his hair was shaved off?? ohhh...i seriously lawl'd hard with that one.
  6. youtube. http://kh13.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/smiley-confuse.png i was browsing for re: com footage and found your account with the website link.
  7. yeah, it's really sad that Deathspank left...and i'm pretty sure that there's no one else that's recording footage. can't imagine why, seeing as they really should stick to the name of their website. D: i'm about to fight the first one, actually. and...i'm not quite used to the battle system yet. what about the fight against him in reverse/rebirth? was that difficult?
  8. thank you. i made the "boys will be boys" myself. ^^ i suppose a competition would be nice. i'm chill with whatever you've got planned.
  9. aw, thank you! it took me forever to complete. ;
  10. mm...i'd say about 10 hours on a free saturday/weekday of summer.
  11. ^agreed. i'd probably be a neo-shadow. my other choice was going to be the gumball machine thing [the name escapes me D:]. gumball machine just says a lot about my personality, but the neo-shadow...it just works better.
  12. yes, but that just wouldn't be accurate for CoM, and i would feel like they weren't using haley at all. i never was a fan of digitally "enhanced" voices.
  13. i'm kind of tired of playing sora already, to be honest. revisiting all the disney worlds is just too time consuming...i just want to get to the other Org. battles already, you know? plus, the card battle system slows down my battles by a lot...so i'm not getting anywhere fast. ._.'
  14. i have sympathy for Nobodies, so i choose them.
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