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  1. *fail* finished chapter 5 yesterday...so it's there now
  2. I dun like tea! Why the heck are we discussing tea anyways?!
  3. No eating dead babies! It's not nice! you might have been one of the random people in the background
  4. ADD OCD that one with the name I can't remember..................it's like executive function disorder or something that doesn't have a 3 letter acronym :
  5. So we were all at KH13, which was a park. And me and this dude, who looked like a security guard but was my friend in the dream, were sitting on a bench. Then this like evil tornado portal thing comes out of a cell phone and sucks up KoolKingdom1 (I have no idea why, it just did.) So, me and this other person tell the security guard dude to say KoolKingdom1 because somehow that will free them (Don't you just love dream logic ) so he does and then everything's normal. Then it happends again. And so me and the person this time are trying to pull KoolKingdom1 out of the portal thing and then we finally do and then my alarm goes off. So I got back to sleep (You can skip this next paragraph if you'd like because it's really unrelated to the KH13 part of the dream) So then, my mom and I are at this party and there's lots of food and the lady who threw it, my mom tells me that she recently had a baby (But she phrased it differently, and that's actually an important detail but I can't remember how she did.) So, naturally, I was like "Aww." and my mom was like "No. She lost it. The just found it [inferring a dead baby randomly somewhere O_O]" THEN we were at an auditorium and this Chinese guy was serving Chinese food for breakfast so we ordered some and I stole my mom's plate then we had cereal. The End. Sorry to KoolKingdom1 for being the victim of my subconscious. I think it's because yours was one of the last posts I read before I went to bed
  6. ((Sorry!)) Demyx looked around. "You mean me?" He asked, stalling. Why hadn't Xion stayed?! He thought, helplessly.
  7. Demyx stepped out of the portal and into the woods of Wonderland. Someone was there, waiting for him it seemed, keyblade at the ready. Uh oh...
  8. Demyx watched Xion chase after her heartless target. At least that thing's leaving, he thought. Demyx began to walk along the wall of the palace. It was all the same. There was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary about this place. This is useless. He thought, and opened a portal to Wonderland.
  9. ((Well currently I've got part of a tissue box...but before there was paper because I can't find the wax for my braces and I think the paper just decided to kill me or something )) That ought to be easy, Demyx thought. Let's hope the doors are locked so all we have to do is walk aimlessly out here. It did not occur to him that he'd be doing the same thing inside too. Demyx walked up and knocked on the giant doors, then cradled his hand because he'd hurt it knocking on the stone.
  10. (( There I fixed it, happy? then why'd you choose her?)) ((*chokes on paper* Ok actually starting now:)) Demyx turned around to follow Xion in the right direction this time. Demyx looked through Xion's indicated gateway only to see more gates. "What exactly about the palace are we supposed to recon?" He asked, "Palaces are like big houses, emphasis on big." Demyx pondered a moment, does he expect us to find a way in? Or is it deserted like the town; and this a waste of time?
  11. Demyx followed Xion, and nearly bumped into her when she stopped. "The palace." He responded to her question.Uh oh. He thought, Please let her know where that is! Saix will go berserk if I come back without my missions finished, especially for a reason as stupid as this one. ((fail Saix pun intended ))
  12. "Great!" Said Demyx, somewhat eagerly. Let's hope her target is somehwere beyond the palace. And that she knows where the palace is. At least now when this ghost town had nothing to report he'd have a witness when explaining this to Saix.
  13. "It's only recon, so it wouldn't really be considered work." Demyx drew out the last word. He had yet to believe the statement himself, but he had to admit, of all the missions Saix could give, recon was among the easiest. Although, that didn't mean that Demyx enjoyed doing it. Not one bit.
  14. Demyx spun wildly around trying to locate the voice. Finally, he looked up to see Xion standing up on a shop top. He started to answer her, but was dizzy because of his spinning. Finally he said, "Yeah, I've got to do recon on the palace. Care to, uh, help me?"
  15. Demyx jumped at a large echoing sound. He looked all around. The town still appeared to be empty. Except, something had to have made that sound. Demyx began to backtrack through the market-place.
  16. Demyx shuffled along in what was hopefully the direction of the palace, also know as: the direction he didn't just come from. He was now crossing through the town. Like always it seemed empty. Why bother with this place if no one's ever here? Demyx thought, grumpily.
  17. Demyx sighed and trudged into the portal. Once through, he kicked at the sand. "Stupid Agrabah," He grumbled to himself, "There's too much dust here anyways.", For lack of a better complaint. Dust could be considered the opposite of water, Demyx figured that maybe that was why he hated it; besides being sent there to work. A heartless appeared in front of him. "Ah!" He said, startled, and smacked it once with his sitar before running off towards the palace. Less than halfway there, if he was going the right way even, he stopped to catch his breath and walk. The heartless he had smacked was still within his view, so he hadn't actually gone very far.
  18. "Yes." Demyx said, "How come I've got two missions?" Or any missions at all, he thought, but didn't say.
  19. Demyx nearly cringed at the voice. He'd obviously been spotted. In a last ditch attempt to save himself from having to work, he put on a goofy smile and attempted to talk out of the working part of the day, "It is isn't it?"
  20. I need 3 more letter N's inm the letter to finishing the song
  21. Cool times Internet Explorer? -shot-
  22. Demyx stepped lightly and peeked in, past the moogle, into the Grey area. Saix stood impatiently. Demyx pulled back. Crap. He thought. There goes today's chillaxing plans. Knowing that Saix was unavoidable, Demyx took a breath and walked in casually, hoping that Saix would have an uber blind moment and not see him for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, even Demyx knew that that that was impossible.
  23. That's not even possible and what the heck is 'coolie'? as an adjective?
  24. I love how none of that actually happened except the cat parts......... and the very last 2 things I said
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