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  1. Akira: Hmm.... I need to.... check on Lee and the others. I bet the other don't know how this device works. *smirks* *says some spell and a screen appears* Akira: Lee, Akira here. How are you doing? (Hope she replies before they come)
  2. Akira: *grabs back shurikens* Hmf........ I may have fought him, but I know he's not defeated. *looks at wristwatch* Akira: I wonder how the others - Dante and Lee - are doing. Harle.... and Jester. Does he know about Lee?..................... I'd better not tell any of them about this, my past.. and him. *runs off*
  3. No prob! And thanks for calling me Akira! http://kh13.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif Longest thread, huh? Why don't you look at one of my threads - An Organization of our own? It's almost up to 200 pages. Whoops, off topic. -shot-
  4. [meanwhile] Akira: *wakes up at a dark place* Ugh...... where the.... heck am I? ???: Glad to know that you're awake. Just wanted to tell you that the castle's destroyed. Akira: Don't lie! ???: *smirks* Smart one... Akira: *throws fuuma shurikens at ???* Okay, if you really wanna play, I can play with you. ???: Why do you try so hard...? Akira: Because... I just... I DON'T WANT THE OTHERS TO PERISH JUST LIKE MY FAMILY DID!
  5. *gets up* MUAHAHAHAHAHA!! *throws more spam monkeys*
  6. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!-- OFF! AH! I got hit by my own monkey!! WITH SPAM!!!!!
  7. ???: -sends message to all members of the Organization- This castle.... is... on 'renovation'.... and my little sister won't be here to interrupt, if you know who and what I mean
  8. Nandesu-!! YOUUUUU!!!! FEAR THE MONKEEEHHHH!!!! *monkeys full of spam appears everywhere*
  9. ???: -appears in castle and smiles- This castle needs a makeover....
  10. ???: Why did you leave the castle? You want your friends to be hurt? Akira: What...? ???: I've put a curse on that worthless castle of yours. Soon, all your friends will perish. Akira: O_O Wha- ???: Too late. *evil grin* Akira: Why you- *disappears all of a sudden*
  11. Pfft, yeah right. Don't try to fool me. >.> Perhaps that dog would spit spam at me.
  12. Akira: I-I can't believe it.... Y-You're..... alive!... Yoh-kun... -man enters through portal- Akira: WAIT!! Don't leave me behind again! -enters through same portal and appears at a dark place- Where........ am I?
  13. Akira: *enters dark room* SHOW YOURSELF!! -man in black coat appears- Akira: Tis' been a long time ever since I last felt your presence. *smiles* Would you mind taking off that hood? -man takes off black hood- Akira: O_O Y-you're...!!
  14. Akira: *smiles* That's the Lee I know.... Now then, *kicks random wall and a secret passageway open* Woah... the sense is much stronger here. *runs down passageway*
  15. Akira: You.... should go meet Dante... I can't let him go into the room! It holds all of my precious memories there!! *runs off*
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