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  1. I come back and apparently the rules change!!! I guess now one or 2 fing one liners in an RP Makes it a GAME. NO NO NO THIS IS WRONG. I'm insulted and outraged S*it better change! My Story lines are not fing games KONO YARO
  2. Xai looked at the other orb appearing as the connection was opened and smiled "Nyx she doesn't remember him" she said Shinta gasped looking at the other "W...whats going on?"
  3. Shinta's head perks up and she tilts her head confused "Who is that?" She asks the child in her head trying to remember. After getting a shrug from the memoryless Xai Shinta walks up to him feeling not immedate threat from him. "I'm sorry I seem to have lost my memory" she says her voice no louder than a whisper.
  4. 'Shinta where did I come from?' the question was sudden and Xai didn't really understand why she'd said it. "to tell you the truth I don't know where you came from I hardly even know who /I/ am" she said aloud no-one was around to hear her so it didn't matter. She sighed and sat on the side of a building in an alleyway so dark she could hardly see her hands in front of her face.
  5. Reaching the streets Shinta looked around for any sign of danger. keyblade disapearing from her hand. It was easier to find danger when your enemies thought you were an unarmed damsil. Shinta didn't remember much just that her nobody was inside her head again and her name was Xai. With another sigh She walked down the dark streets. 'someone is coming there are a few others out tonight' Xai said hugging the light orb closer to her small body.
  6. 'Shinta we should get going I feel something or someone coming it feels fermiliar but I'm not sure weather I should be glad or worried' Xai said into the small orb. Shinta nodded at the small voice and jumped back onto the platform of the tower her keyblade still in hand and her blond hair hanging down to her back a rose in her hair she sighed and walked towards the stairs to leave her dress ending just at her feet. "Right lets go whatever it is I'll beat it" she said in a confident tone.
  7. Shinta closed her eyes her blue keyblade appearing in her hand as she sighed. "Where the hell did this even come from?" she grumbled standing on the edge of the clocktower wondering how hard it would hurt if she fell.
  8. Xai's childish presence sat in the back of her sombodies mind a small orb of light in her hands her eyes faded out as if she wasn't even there but she was. Sitting on the top of the twilight town clock tower shinta sighed confused at why she would ever sit there for no good reason it just seemed to soothe her in a way that the safty of her house couldn't.
  9. Okay so some people have been asking me to make a part 2 for my orignal RP so here it is. I needed to get my mind working in english again. _________________ After departing from from the world that never was the children of darkness return to their orignal bodies but the nobodies still exist they speak to their owners helping them in a way but also causing problems without knowing. Complications ensue and trouble is brewing when the keyblade wars begin anew. Heartless are everywhere and the answer to their erradication is hidden from the heroes. (Post a profile remeber the name of your nobody and the name of their sombody. if you can find pictures that are a good size and don't strech the screen I will love you forever....well maybe not forever....) Profile... Nobodies name: Sombodies name: Age: Weapon: world (Where does your character live?) Apperence: Theme song: (I like theme songs they can change whenever you like just post it in your post if you change it I like music so sue me) My Profile ________ Nobodies name: Xai Sombodies name: Shinta Age: Xai 13 Shinta 22 Weapon: keyblade (Aquatic bond) world: Twilight town Apperence: Theme song: Paper Gangsta-Lady GaGa
  10. She sighed in defeat "Fine fine I guess your right"
  11. So this is my dicision. I'm not really needed anywhere and well I guess Its been made clear. I have to start looking for a job and getting into college and well thats going to take up all my time. Not to meantion I feel like a burden to everyone here. so I'm leaving. Its final. Those who still want to keep in contact I have my facebook and well I guess its the only thing I'll be checking. http://www.facebook.com/?sk=welcome#!/profile.php?id=100001199740122 Thats it I guess.
  12. Roxilin ran over to Anne and hugged her "You worried me" she whispered.
  13. Roxy nodded and looked at him trying to look normal "your distant and she ran away" she whispered he was barly able to hear it as she walked past him locking herself in the bathroom her back against the door she slid down and sat racking her brain.
  14. Roxy ran through the base looking for her daughter "anne anne please be okay" she said trying her best to stay hidden from newbs.
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