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  1. i saw on this one thread how alot of people do'nt really like 358/2 days cause of lack of worlds xion several other stuff i think birth by sleep is giogn to be alot more popular than 358 game cause there is alot of worlds that game is supposed to be challeging i rember when i first played the 1st game it took me along while cause i was stuck in deep jungle. plus there is alot more worlds in birth by sleep and no xion (thank gawd) i am excited about bbs cause you can play three characters but u have to play in order to get it which is fine by me =D
  2. man i love you already for saying that roxas should be together with namine i support that relationship along with akuroku epicness
  3. he was probley at castle oblivion analighting the memebers that might have betrayed the orgnaization look at marluxias and larxene they were gone along with zexion
  4. was it this thread or somewhere else? i was going to make this thread but i guess that didn't happen anways i htink i would like birth by sleep more cause it has alot more disney worlds and it actually makes sense 358/2 days doesn't the reason why i like birth by sleep the best out of them all is because it has disney worlds disney princesses so yea you see why i like it more plus ventus kicks butt
  5. are u guys talking about square posting a website for us ? aren't they doing alittle too much especially since people are whinning about wanting kingdom hearts 3?
  6. ok i keep hearing about kingdom hearts 3 this or kingdom hearts 3 that somehow that just bugs me cause i probley got the hitch what is going to happen sora would date kairi blah blah blah they have kids blah blah or kairi gets kinapped AGAIN! so please explain to me why everyone is sooo excited about kingdom hearts 3? if i ever see another scene of kairi and sora together i am going to SCREAM! (along with if i see another xion and roxas e__o) come on poeple they are the same person! and what is going to happen to namine and riku >.< so please explain to me these things
  7. can someone please help me i am trying to find playlist for birth by sleep on kh13 and i found them but i am having trouble locatig them to put on youtube please help me out
  8. i am looking for kingdom hearts yaoi roleplayers out there like soraxriku, akuroku demyxzexion u name it or it can be a non yaoi (just not xionxroxas ) if u are interstened tell me what paring that u would like to do i am desperately looking for another good roleplay and i have an idea for akuroku as well -crimsonyaoilover also i had gotten this idea from one of my friends on interpals cause she is really good with roleplaying and what not and i hope to find alot of people as well
  9. ok in the new kigndom hearts game xion obsorbs roxas right? well i an't so sure about the whole thing but i am postive that roxas belongs with namine cause at the end of kingdom hearts 2 he and namine went back to sora and kairi and roxas forgot about xion later i hope i am right cause i was figuring this out
  10. i must be crazy but i don't have the new video game yet cause i can't beat repilica riku in chain of memoires second i don't want to waste 80 bucks to see roxas go gaga over xion ! sorry yall but i just an't wild about it maybe i will be wild and insane about it but not right now I CAN"T BEAT REPLICA RIKU he makes xion look sane >
  11. axel cutseces are good and so is the one where pete danes likes a bafoon
  12. It'll also make a A LOT (and I also mean A LOT... like, 99 percent of all KH fangirls. ._. And fanboys...) of people incredibly mad. Myself included... RIKU/SORA > SORA/KAIRI. (shot) Well, actually, it'd only kinda bother me... >_> Because Nomura (I read this somewhere, so I dunno if it's true, but it's an assumption anyway, so idk... o_e) purposely leaves it up to the player as to which pairing is canon, so that some fans aren't deterred or anything... If he made them kiss, it'd go against what he's built up. X_X I mean, I don't HATE Sora/Kairi (It can actually be kinda cute sometimes... X3) but it'd bother me... I'm a yaoi fangirl at heart. (shotshotshotshot) X_X I fail. same here i am a yaoi fangirl :heart:
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