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  1. Playing it on the 3DS atm and yea you can use the analog stick for it but I find it easier to use the D-pad
  2. Woo That's on my birthday Hopefully we'll get to find out some more info about KH3D ^^
  3. Amazing quality How did you remove the subtitles for the cutscenes ? I thought you were forced to have them on for the games O_o
  4. I don't know how many people on this site like abridged series but I planned on making one about a year ago and never actually got around to doing anything except the scripts, until a few weeks ago. I made this in about a week and its my first ever attempt at abridging, voice acting and proper editing so please give it a chance. :S Rate, comment, subscribe and enjoy (I hope ^_^) Made by me KHPandaZ
  5. nice. My stupidest moment isn't in the game its the copy of the game I bought. I was visiting Germany so I bought the game there thinking that I would be able to change the language to English in the menu. My first time playing the game i couldn't even understand it . so 5-6 years down the line im stuck with a German KH1 ;D
  6. Does anyone know where i can get the entire KH1 manga series, Volumes1-4, quite cheap. The highest i will pay is about
  7. SHE? isnt Tetsuya Nomura a man 0.0
  8. I may be wrong but i personally believe that it could not possibly be ven in kh 1 because i don't think nomura would have even thought about ven while making number 1. In fact i find it stupid how people keep on trying to find links to ven/terra/aqua in kh1.
  9. Well i dont think Nomura had even thought of Ven while making KH 1 but then again he could have had the entire story planned out and not revealed it to anyone like the sneaky man that he is
  10. Xbox isnt just blood and gore, what about final fantasy 13 that's coming out on xbox and i wouldnt call that blood and gore
  11. I reckon it shouldnt be on psp maybe on the PSN game buying part(i dnt own a ps3 so dnt know what the actual name is :S) or maybe if us xbox users are lucky XBLA. Thats what i hope anyway ^_^
  12. KH1: Kairi saving Sora, All of deep forest KH COM(GBA): Larxene talking with Axel saying("Let me have my fun with him" ) KH re:COM: Never played or watched scenes so cant say Same with both gba and ps2 Reverse rebirth KH 358/2 Days: Final fight against Riku, Xion's death (made me cry but it was the only good voice acting scene in that game >_<) KH2: Probably fighting 1000 heartless battle, AND DEFINITELY WHEN KAIRI RUNS TO HUG SORA(I just wished he kissed her in the game T_T) Birth By Sleep: Haven't really looked into the cut scenes so cant say atm Screw it the entire series is all my favourite ^__^
  13. I just wanted to show anyone who likes abridged series on this site, what i think is the best KH1 abridged series around. I did not make them i just love the series and thought id show you guys. its made by 8thKazeKage, the first ep isnt that special but it gets much better believe me. Anyway heres a link to the first ep
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