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  1. it was just random looking around and then BAM it was there
  2. i never knew that that little water spout thingy in the 3rd district of traverse town had Lady and the Tramp's pic inside
  3. is the psp bundle coming to NA or just Japan
  4. yeah if there hearts split then where is terra's heart?
  5. if you go on gamefaq.com it will tell you how to get the secert ending
  6. They could have bond over the years in the Organization
  7. um just having all of the weapons that you could put in but not the guns and the characters
  8. that would be freaking awesome but what if sora miss took riku for the real thing
  9. thanks for all the help and what system do you think it will be for
  10. i think you get one eventually in one of your missions
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