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  1. Which keyblade do you like better? Void Gear or No Name??
  2. Well i know this is pretty random but I wanted to tell you guys that a nail salon named Aqua's Nail Salon opened in my neighborhood. I thought I should tell you guys about it LOL
  3. blocking is key...try using renewal block thats what i used and have barrier and fire surges in your command deck
  4. im so excited to go back to destiny islands
  5. are you spinning the analog stick the right way? sometimes it looks likes its moving one way when really its moving the other way
  6. So on September 7th we know that Birth by Sleep will hit stores around the US but there is also two more games coming out the same day. One game is Spiderman Shattered Dimensions and the other is NHL 11. Besides Birth by Sleep i am interested on buying those other two games. How about you?
  7. i like the one with the trio and mickey.....and how do you download those themes onto your psp???
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