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  1. oh my god i still have an acount!

  2. can someone tell me how to get more challenges for the avatar mod on kh re: coded? *does and irrasistable puppy face* pweeeeeeeeeeeessssee???

    1. Kinode


      You get to choose from more challenges once you unlock more floors


  3. probably wont be on for a while dads taking away comp...

    1. Lt Ultima

      Lt Ultima

      some one was a bad person?

    2. Axelfangirl717


      nahhh.... maybe... ok yea sorta

  4. ...ugggh i wanna go home...

    1. Tera


      where are you then????


  5. yeah you can make music for the familar faces if you like either using a real instrument or creating music on the computer :]

  6. OMFG I LOVE MR. DUCKY!!!!... lol i just relised i put that on everybodies yearbook today xD

  7. (lol i dont care if we end it or not its up to ventusxxx34 i said end because it was supposed to be the end of my flashback, and sorry i just went to me last day of school, hey if you guys dont see me for a while next week its cause im going to new mexico to see my grandma so i dont know if she will have a comp or not... so dont think its cause im trying to end this)
  8. Zeph plopped on her bed and put her arm in front of her so she could see it. -earlier that day on her mission- "So what do I do?" Zeph asked someone. "its simple really, just fight, dodge, and live." they replied back. a wave of antiblades came after her. she slashed at them but the were ten times worse. one of them nocked her helmet off and kicked her onto the ground face first. she spit out some blood. "Oh now youve done it!" she said as her eyes turned green. "FIRE!!" she screamed, but instead of just her keyblade being cloaked in fire, she was herself, and it didnt hurt. she blew up at least 12 antiblades before her energy drained. he armor started to disappear, and she was exasted. more antiblades came and she just blocked trying to regain energy. alot of them bounced of her keyblade cutting her arms while other antiblades tried to kick her over. well... one good thing about having a bad temper in a fight is that you get the job done Zeph thought still dodging everything. soon enough she gaind her energy back and her eyes turned green again and she blew up the ramaining antihearts then left -end- "well, I'm glad I'im here and that I am the daughter of the fire nobody..." Zeph said dozing off
  9. oh noes my sora figure broke his leg... OFF TO HOT GLUE GUN LAND I GO!

  10. *explodes for no appearent reason* OMG I AM GETTING A HEARTLESS NECKLACE AND A KH WATCH!!! WOOT!!! and maybe kh sillybands and a heartless slap on bracelet

    1. Tera


      man i wish i was you right now.

    2. Axelfangirl717


      i know right i own like everything kh right now...

    3. rikuluver15


      where from? ebay?

  11. (im assuming thats kristors reply right?) "Awww... alright see you around, I need to wash up anyways I look terrible" Zeph said waving at kristor and running out the door. she was being sared at and alot of people asked her if she needed help, and of couse she just said no and headed off to the bathroom. she looked at herself in the mirror, she had a few cuts on her cheek and her forehead was bleeding. "wow I look like I just got beaten to death..." she said scrubing the blood off her arms and head.
  12. "sorry kristor, I just turned 7 and wanted to try something new." Zeph said looking at her arm. "well it could be alot worse. I'm glad I'm still here there were many that died in battle." She looked at Kristor. "Here Kristor how about I make it up to you, Ive got a replica keyblade you can practice with before your powers come in, I'll teach you how to fight and so on. But we'd have to do it secretly, and maybe sometime I can talk to Daddy about it ok?" Zeph said smileing.
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