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  1. Well I did it I pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition plus the Bring Arts of Kingdom Hearts 3 I can't wait to get this game

    1. keyslinger


      same here I'm so excited for it.

    2. TheKingdomkid


      That's cool, but you can only get the one with the Bring Arts from the Square Store, just as a heads up. I'm glad that if they do announce another version that I would rather have I can cancel this pre-order and get that one, I just wish I could get it the day before like I did with Danganronpa V3 but I got the 2.8 and 1.5+2.5 the day of when I got them from the Square store. I just hope I get them on the day of at least, would be great if I could get it earlier but oh well lol

    3. TheKingdomkid


      I understand that and I wanted to see the art of the covers first before I bought it but again I figured that if I do I could cancel the pre-order again and such

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