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  1. Haven't been on here in a long time, heck the last time I was on here was before the site changed to what it currently is...and well I'm like eeehhhhh about it...

  2. I guess this is kind of hard because you can pick any of them up as soon as they become available to but the one that becomes available the latest is the one in Agrabah if you are going in order.
  3. I want Destiny Islands and Radiant Garden to be playable. We know for sure that Destiny Islands is in the game just need to know if it's playable and I hope so because I want to be able to just walk around Destiny Islands and such, but I bet it won't be which sucks. That's the same with Land of Departure it will show up just need to know if it's playable. I can really give or the the rest of them, I won't be upset if they are or aren't the only one I would be most disappointed with is that we won't be able to play in Destiny Islands which would suck!
  4. You need to have all the yellow orbs there and her guild has to be at max in order to evolve them to 7 start
  5. Sorry haven't been on here for a while and will probably continue not being on here until Kingdom Hearts 3 is release because I don't want to know anything more about the game like worlds and such I do want to be somewhat surprised about some of the stuff we will see in the game

    1. KeybladeMasterBalo


      Do not turn your shoulder to the Dark Kid! Embrace the spoilerish darkness!

    2. TheKingdomkid


      But I want to be surprised with some of the worlds just like back in the day when Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2 came out@

    3. KeybladeMasterBalo


      Well.. in that case... SINK INTO THE ABYSS!!!

  6. Octopath Traveler is such a good game I can't believe I was going to skip this game it's fantastic!!

  7. The Orchestra in Chicago was really great and the people there where really nice what a great time

    1. Leamax


      It was fantastic! The conductor was literally pumping up the crowd which was awesome!

    2. TheKingdomkid


      it was great! Sorry I missed the meet up my phone died lol I think we actually sat close to each other though lol

  8. Give me Agrabah in Kingdom Hearts 3 need to see that city and all the characters in that Kingdom Shader and we need to have it be the third Aladdin movie!
  9. Do you think that when Utada's new album that has Chikai in it released do you think they will also release the full version of Don't Think Twice?

    1. Exiblade7


      I think they may reveal the full opening for kh3, just maybe.

  10. Just Platinum both Steins;Gate and Steins;Gate 0 I think it's time to watch the first anime again and start watching the 0 anime

  11. I just hope that this doesn't rule out Agrabah coming back for Kingdom Hearts 3. That would just suck if it didn't return. They should finish up the third Aladdin movie in Kingdom Hearts 3 and that whole story line would fit perfectly with what the theme of this game is going for.
  12. I do not apologize for making this! (Also I can't be the only one who thought of this when they saw the titans in the Pirates trailer)

  13. In the latest trailer when Xigbar said that Sora will see what destiny has in store for Sora and his reward could be right around the corner then bam the next scene is Kairi showing up they meant to do this don't you dare tell me other wise!!

  14. Oh boy I may have to cancel that pre-order of the deluxe edition with the Bring Arts and get just the regular Deluxe Edition and then pick up that Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 Pro

  15. Well I did it I pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition plus the Bring Arts of Kingdom Hearts 3 I can't wait to get this game

    1. keyslinger


      same here I'm so excited for it.

    2. TheKingdomkid


      That's cool, but you can only get the one with the Bring Arts from the Square Store, just as a heads up. I'm glad that if they do announce another version that I would rather have I can cancel this pre-order and get that one, I just wish I could get it the day before like I did with Danganronpa V3 but I got the 2.8 and 1.5+2.5 the day of when I got them from the Square store. I just hope I get them on the day of at least, would be great if I could get it earlier but oh well lol

    3. TheKingdomkid


      I understand that and I wanted to see the art of the covers first before I bought it but again I figured that if I do I could cancel the pre-order again and such

  16. This looks so good but I don't know if I want to get it yet. I want to see if there are going to be other versions coming out or what the box art and the steel book case art is going to look like before I get it. I'll probably end up getting one of the versions
  17. I wonder if that was Keith David's voice during that little intro to this new trailer it sounded like it but I wouldn't me surprised if it wasn't

  18. I find it funny that in the trailer Sora says that there is no way I would let her fall into darkness and then literally the next scene we see Aqua who has fallen into darkness (Yes I know he was talking about Elsa but still it's ironic)

  19. Is Mickey you're to late going to be like the next Mr. Stark I don't feel so good...
  20. Mickey....you're to late..

  21. God why am I not surprised that the comments on the Facebook post of the release date just full of just scum and toxic people like seriously the Facebook comments is the worst place ever for Kingdom Hearts news stuff

    1. Merilly


      Twitter is the same, unfortunately. Whatever they do, they can't do it right because of expectations... I'm happy with what we got and it's merely a deviation of one month from 2018. Better this and acting on the criticism then let it become an unfinished game with lots of plot relevant content shoved in oger the course of over the next two years.

    2. TheKingdomkid
  22. I'm fine with it as well sure it dose suck that it did get the delay (I hope everyone who said that it was going to be delayed is happy now you sick sons of bi...) I'm just now dreading the fact that everyone who said it was going to be delayed is now going to rub it in peoples faces and the fact that some YouTube news outlets (Mostly The Know) talking about how well this is normal for Kingdom Hearts games to get delayed, even though it has only happened twice and they are not that big of delays. That's another thing they are not big delays so people should just be happy that they have a solid release date that they have been begging for all these years. I guess Nomura wasn't joking when he said that if people keep saying that it's going to be delayed he actually will delay it. Joking aside I'm glad they are going to take this time to work more on it so that we can get the best experience we can get with this game.
  23. Here we go everyone will be saying that it got delayed, well firetruck them who cares it's coming out in January still it's a small delay but we finally got a release date for Kingdom Hearts 3!

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    2. Merilly


      They very likely announced it because fans were getting impatient and because that aas their initial schedule. Delays happen. They won't delay it just to make a fool out of the fans. Expectations are always our own problem and not SE's. We're also talking about a month here. They announced it too early. Bad decision from them, no questions asked. But what I've seen from a number of fans was the behavior of entitlement which drove them to reveal a year.

    3. Merilly


      I agree that they should only reveal a release date if they know they can keep it. But with how much pressure is coming from fans, it's no wonder this happened. The game has been in active development for 4 years now. That's still within a good time frame for a Triple A game. They shouldn't have announced KH3 so soon.

    4. Merilly


      I agree... People got what they wanted and it's better to receive a game which won't be laden with bugs and glitches ans take critcism into account than a nearly finished one with a patch on the first day and another the following week...

  24. I say it's going to be between October 9th and November 13th seems the most likely to me
  25. I thought the same thing to, like I want them to troll us with a 2019 at the end of the trailer for a few seconds then it changes to be what the actual release date is. I've been saying that ever since the beginning of the year because of how many people say it's going to be delayed or how many times it's been delayed already (it hasn't')
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