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  1. Since we now have a determined number of people participating in this RP, I'm considering removing the limit on the number of characters you can create. Feel free to let me know if you're interested by this decision, but try not to make to many characters that lead to losing focus on where you want those characters to progress and affect the story.
  2. Making his way back to the class room, All Might looked over at his class before taking another look around with a look of worry on his face. Shiki approached his teacher in order to determine the reason behind his odd expression. "Sir... Is something wrong?" All Might looked down at Shiki and smiled, trying not alarm his students. "It's nothing young Shiki. You performed admirably on today's tests. You were close to being chosen as the top student, but the fact that your body was constantly accumulating damage ended up holding you back in the end. Perhaps during your time here at U.A. you will learn how to master that tremendous power without causing harm to yourself." "Yes Sir... I'll try." All Might then headed inside and left Shiki alone with his peers. It was clear that All Might had noticed something and Shiki narrowed his eyes as he looked around to try and find out what it was. Before he could get a good look, Shiki suddenly found an arm on his shoulder. "I'm disappointed in you Shiki. I thought the person who beat me would have at least claimed the top spot. I guess your quirk really is no good in a drawn out fight." Shiki looked over his shoulder, his eyes meeting Lars' once again. For all to see, there was a unique tension between the two. Shiki's expression would not change, but an atmosphere of hostility could be felt in his gaze. Lars smirked and pulled his hand back, shoving his hands in his pockets. Despite having already lost one fight to Shiki today and being placed among the lowest among the students in the class, Lars did not feel inferior to the second place student in the slightest. "You wanna go again? I'm game if you are zombie boy. This time though, I won't let you beat me with a cheap shot." Shiki sighed and looked away, heading back to the class room for All Might's final words before the day was over. "I've nothing to prove by fighting you." Lars stared, his face taking an extremely similar stoic expression to Shiki's, mimicking him essentially. "Nothing to prove huh? By not fighting me, you are proving something. Something that not even you can deny." Shiki sighed, not even bothering to turn around to reply. "And that would be?" "That you wouldn't be able to beat me a second time." Shiki paused, not moving and not making any sound. After an awkward silence for the other students, Shiki then spoke up very clearly. "The U.A. Sport Festival next month. When I fight you there, I'll make sure to remind you what your own words taste like." Shiki headed inside and Lars could barely contain his excitement. "I can't wait."
  3. I just spent my wish on getting Donald to actually heal because I know we'll get everything besides that eventually. That and its a good meme.
  4. Hmmm, to better explain how the two of you can improve, maybe I should explain why I chose Haguki as the top student. With a middle of the pack score in the javelin and one of the faster times in the dash plus a win from the fight, Haguki was already gonna be a top contender. But using your quirk in creative and sometimes unpredictable ways shows how well your character can adapt to different situations. So for the two of you to improve, I think it's more to do with thinking more outside of the box rather than just powering up.
  5. Okay, for Ojime it's pretty simple. She performed the worst in the class and she wasn't able to go into her fight. Unfortunately these test conditions were unfavourable for her, so she kinda drew the short end of the stick this time around. As for Ryan's ranking, he looked extremely exhausted after being beaten by Ezekiel. However, by the end of the fight Ezekiel still seemed to have some energy left in the tank to go on just that little bit longer. Putting him below the others that are above him is mostly due to his performance during the javeling throw as everyone above him either tied or won their matches.
  6. All Might nodded to himself as the fight between Ryan and Ezekiel concluded. With the next fight between Ojime and Pyro to be scheduled, All Might lay his gaze across the students to find the fire wielding student nowhere in sight. "... Due to Pyro not being here. Ojime wins by default." With some final notes on all of the data gathered that day, All Might began forming a tier list for the class room. At this point, Lars and Lucas rejoined the class just in time to hear the final results from all of today's tests. "Now then, all of you have performed remarkably for your first day and I am filled with hope that the future is in good hands. To show the results of how well you all did in comparison to each other in my own personal opinion." All Might flipped over a page and turned his clipboard over so the entire class could see. The single sheet of paper showed a list of names by ranking, those who performed the best for that day. The order of names from top to bottom of the list was as follows; Haguki, Shiki, Lucas, Ezekiel, Ojex, Ryan, Lars, Shizuka and Ojime. "Some of you may be concerned about where you are currently placed on the list, but all of you should simply see this as an opportunity to push forward and to prove yourselves in the future. It could be the tests we used today aren't the best way to judge your abilities, so be prepared for when a scenario comes around for where you can show what you are really made of." Looking at his watch, All Might looked back at the main building. "We will now be heading back to the class room so that I may give you all a run down of what your next year of school will be like while you attend U.A. After I finish my explanation, class will be dismissed and you will be free to leave." (If anyone would like an explanation of their ranking and reasons for being placed as such, I will gladly tell you in detail in the discussion thread.)
  7. Okay, so IAKH1K has dropped out. I'll invent a reason for why his characters are no longer present and then we can get this show back on the road. Never fear young RPers, the GM is here. In fact, I may be able to use this as a plot device for you guys.
  8. Are you still participating in the My Hero Academia RP. Need to know so I can continue the story.

    1. Iamkingdomhearts1000


      No i think i will cancel, i'm just not keeping up with everyone, sorry about this but i want to leave the RP.

    2. Oblivion 22

      Oblivion 22

      Alright, no worries.

  9. I am currently waiting for a reply from IAKH1000. If he doesn't post soon, I'll do something to get the ball rolling again.
  10. Lars scratched his cheek as Lucas berated him about the selfish attitude he'd portrayed earlier and about his opinions of Lars' possibility. "Pride? Hmmm... I don't think that's really it. It's more like determination." Lars leaned back and stared at the roof, his eyes glistening as he imagined what he could accomplish. "I'm not going to try to be the best because of some stupid reason like pride. I know that everyone has their own reasons for wanting to become a hero, but that means that I just have to prove that my desire to be a hero is greater than anyone else's. To be the best, I'll work twice, no... Three times harder than the rest of you. I want to change this world for the better and the only way to do that is to become the greatest of all heroes. One to surpass All Might himself in terms of greatness." Lars looked back down at Lucas with a mischievous grin, his seemingly shining eyes were now much more clear. "So what I mean when I say that I'm the best, is that I'm issuing you and the others in the class a challenge. I have no intention of letting myself fall behind to any of you, so I want to see which of you can challenge me for the top spot in class. If you think you've got what it takes then bring it." Recovery Girl then stepped in front of Lars with narrow eyes, causing the black haired student to lean back away from her. "What exactly are you doing here boy? I was told you were knocked unconscious in under a second? But you're not injured at all." Lars looked away and whistled to himself. With a sigh, Recovery Girl soon began treating Ojex's and Lucas' wounds. "Now that all three of you are in a good condition, you'd better not go wrecking those bodies of yours. I can't heal like I used to." Lars yawned a little, looking across to the pair who'd been healed. "Well, shall we go and see how the fights are progressing? They should be almost done by now." Shiki took a few sweets from the bag and ate them slowly, one by one. "I get the feeling that Lars didn't take me seriously... If he'd bound me in place at the start, I wouldn't have been able to do anything. As for me, even I can die if my brain is destroyed and I don't think me biting others would turn them into zombies. As for cravings of human flesh... Probably best we don't talk about that, but you don't have to worry. I won't go eating people." Shiki grew silent, watching the match as it continued.
  11. Looking over to see Ojex making a remark about how he'd been completely defeated by Shiki, referring to him as Achilles. Lars smiled almost genuinely and got out of his bed, stretching his arms a little. "Well, I can honestly say I was surprised. Perhaps I was taking some of you for granted. This class really is full of the best candidates to become new heroes after all." Lars put a hand to his chin as he began to think, a familiar stoic expression appearing on his face. "I may be incorrect about this, but I believe Shiki did something to his body before we fought. When we were getting ready to fight, he pressed a finger to his chest and another to his temple. Perhaps this is some kind of setup to unleash that explosive power I got hit by. If that's the case, then to win next time I would need to restrain him immediately." Lars was solely focus on analyzing his fight with Shiki that he'd almost completely forgot that he was making conversation. Turning back to Ojex, Lars held his hand up and clenched his fist in front of him. "I may have been beaten today, so I won't deny that Shiki is strong and worthy of my respect, but this does not mean that I'm going to give up my spot as number one in this class room. I'm going to keep proving myself. I have to prove that my method of justice is not wrong." Lars lowered his hand and sat back down on his bed. "I mean, that's what being a hero means, right? If I can bring peace to the whole world using my power, wouldn't that be the best for everyone?" Recovery girl came back into the room, looking over at everyone who was still around. "Which of you would like to get treated first?" Lars instantly looked the other way, making sure to not look interested and began whistling. "Not me~... I'm totally fine~..." As the fight between Ryan and Ezekiel played out, Shiki walked back toward the crowd of bystanders with his usual stoic expression. He had a few small bandages on his face and his right arm was completely wrapped up, but he didn't seem to show any sense of pain. Turning to Haguki, Shiki poked her in the shoulder to get her attention. "Hey, could you let me know how the fights went down while I was gone? I'd like to get as much information as possible about you and the other members of the class. Also, don't worry about my arm. It looks bad, but it was mostly healed by recovery girl. She couldn't do a full job because my Quirk made it hard to heal properly. Being a corpse is a real pain..."
  12. (Not quite sure why you need to ask though. We literally have it all written down.) All Might noted down the results of the sparring matches, making sure to write down which students had a greater understanding of their Quirks and which students had the greater chance to improve. With only two fights remaining, All Might looked at his watch to make sure they weren't running out of time for the day. As Ojex and Lucas were sent off to the infirmary, All Might gulped slightly, hoping that no other students would be getting badly hurt today. "As Pyro still hasn't completed the tests, the next fight will be between Ezekiel and Ryan. When you're both ready, you may begin." Meanwhile, in the infirmary, Lars' eyes opened slowly with a slight sigh following afterwards. "Well... This isn't something you see everyday." Sitting up in his bed slowly, Lars looked around to find Shiki sat in a chair next to him with his hands crossed. Almost all of Shiki's right arm was covered in bandages and there were a few plasters on his face, but the zombie's facial expression was stoic in a relaxing way once again. "Seeing as you're awake, I don't need to stay here any longer. Recovery Girl said that all I needed to do was tell her when you wake up." Shiki got up from his chair and turned away from Lars, but Lars began to talk with that silver tongue of his. "I concede to you, but I will just say this. Don't expect to stay at the top, zombie. Everyone wants to prove themselves, including me and I will be coming back to the top soon enough." "... Sure." Shiki then left the room as recovery girl brought in two more patients, Ojex and Lucas. With the now, very old lady attending to the two new patients wounds, Lars led back in his bed and put his hands behind his head. "I wonder if his natural strength is much higher than this. If it is, then he'll make one hell of a leader for our classroom. Shiki Kurogane. I'll make sure to remember that one."
  13. With almost everyone having completed both tests, it was time for All Might to begin pairing people up and sending them off to spar against each other. However, All Might paused for a moment, seeing Lars and Ezekiel at the top of the list. Not wanting to cause a disaster that would end in a building collapsing, All Might decided to not place those two together under any circumstances. "All right class, I have the pairs all set up. You should be fighting someone who is close to your skill level. Except the two at the top, letting you two fight is probably a bad idea. Lars, you will fight Shiki. Ezekiel, you will fight Ryan. The remaining pairs will be as follows; Ojex and Lucas, Shizuka and Haguki. Pyro and Ojime have not ran yet, so you two will be paired up to round us all out. The rules to win are simple. Either knock your opponent out or render them unable to fight any longer." All Might looked up from his clip board to find Lars with his arms crossed, peering over the clipboard. "I won't blow up the school, so let me fight the strong one." Shiki walked past All Might and Lars, heading straight to the open field where the fights would occur. All Might sighed, seeing the trouble with controlling Lars. "Lars my boy, don't you understand this is both a learning experience both yourself and young Shiki?" "But he can't beat me, he's just a mutant type quirk user. It'd be a waste of time." "... Hey." Lars turned his head as he was being called by Shiki who looked much more serious than before. For the zombie to make such an expression, he must have been truly furious. Lars sighed before heading over to the field, standing roughly twenty feet from Shiki. All Might looked between the two of them slowly, hoping that Lars wouldn't toy with Shiki. Lars raised his hands in preparation with a smirk across his face while Shiki put an index finger to his head and another to his chest. All Might then shouted out to them. "Begi-!" The second All Might began to speak, Lars was hit flat straight against the floor with a thunderous punch from Shiki. The ground trembled and cracked beneath Lars as he had lost consciousness almost instantly. "I told you... I would flatten you." Shiki's entire right arm was purple and his legs were wavering as he stood above the completely defeated Lars. All Might was baffled by what he'd just seen. "Shiki... What was that?" Shiki looked over, sitting down on the ground next to Lars. "A humans brain always puts a limit on the body so that it doesn't cause harm to itself. To make sure it doesn't go beyond 100% of it's capability. But... I'm a zombie." Shiki held onto his right arm as it was clearly unresponsive. "I won't be using this arm that well for about a few days, but I'd say it was worth it to put this guy in his place." All Might took out a phone and called the school nurse to take the two boys to the infirmary. With a sigh, All Might returned his attention to the rest of the class. "Well after that decisive win, who would like to spar next?"
  14. All Might noted down the next few javelin tosses in quick succession, getting a grasp of where everyone's strengths may lie. Looking up at whoever was up next, All Might stepped forward towards Ryan who was asking Pyro for assistance. "Ryan my boy, I must inform you that this is a test you must complete on your own. Borrowing strength from others often comes up with benefits, but there also comes a time where you must prove you can stand on your own two feet. For now that is this very moment." Meanwhile, as the Javelin tosses continued, Lars was preparing for his 100 metre dash. His lips curled into a smirk as Ezekiel managed a throw that was equal to his, biting his thumb lightly with wide glaring eyes. "I definitely know who I wanna fight now." Shiki, who was standing a little away from Lars, was also waiting to do his run. It was extremely faint, but his eyes were a little narrower and his expression seemed to show just a hint of annoyance. "You shouldn't underestimate us." Lars' ears perked up, a playful smile drawn across his face. "Oh? And why's that? Are you gonna hit me with your zombie strength? Or will I fight someone else? The stretchy chick? Maybe that cocky guy from class." Shiki didn't back down, taking a step up to Lars with his unwavering expression. "If I end up fighting you... I'll make sure to flatten you." Lars was about to put a hand on Shiki's shoulder, but thought better of it this time around. With a laugh, Lars turned and took his position to begin his run. "You're very funny for someone who can't laugh zombie boy." Lars then took off running, completing his sprint in around 15 seconds without using his Quirk. Shiki took a deep breath, setting up to run after Lars was out of the way. Shiki poked his legs with his middle and index fingers a few times before he got ready to run. Within only a few seconds, Shiki came bolting down the track, crossing the finish line in just under 4 seconds. Lars looked over his shoulder at Shiki who was now sat on the ground, massaging his legs. The black haired student smiled as he spoke to himself. "So~ You're more interesting than I first thought after all."
  15. Was just about to bring this up myself actually. Even the world record for an adult is 105. Given that your quirk doesn't specifically enhance your strength, I'd say 200 is a bit of a longshot.
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