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  1. You still need to complete your novel translations you know, because I am intending to use much of your translations for my own film screenplay for KH 358/2 Days here:

  2. You are a translating BOSS!!!

  3. goldpanner

    Which side are you on?

    The heartless are super cute
  4. Great to see another Aussie on the staff.

  5. Yaay~ Is it bad that I'm excited for this even though I haven't finished the BbS series @__@
  6. it is kairi~

  7. thanks man, a very close friend of mine drew it for me :3

  8. goldpanner

    New staff members & KH13 at E3 2011

    Awww, thanks guys! I'll do my best~ Thank you ♥
  9. Your welcome, perhaps she used some of your translations.

  10. Actually, I've only worked on the things from heartstation/olivia.. 8D; But I'm very honoured that you remember me as a translator <3

  11. Hey goldpanner. You worked with taimea on the Kingdom Hearts II and 358/2 Days manga right? She has been a big help and we've got all the manga in our Gallery now thanks to her. Thanks if you did translate for it.