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  1. dude i never said it waz a sequel i just said it waz gonna take place after re coded It seemed like you meant it when you commented on what hatok said, you were trying to say that it was the sequel. Sorry for the misinterpretation. =/ yea but i need help with understanding sumtin are the characters data sora and riku or not?
  2. dude honestly i think that if someone posts a opinion is cuz they want someone to agree with them and if they dont hav a reason to back it up, so what? doesn't matter they can have their opinion reasonable or not just lay off
  3. well i guess but thats not what i meant but yea the game is after coded ( not a sequel )
  4. ok well pokemon sucks either way and i think hand helds suck but they have good games like 1. bbs 2.dissidia ff 3.dbz shin budokai and they cant compare to the ps3 and xbox360 cuz they were ment to past by time like for example in a 6 hour drive and got nothing to do or if u dont hav a life and need a damn game every where u go
  5. dude i never said it waz a sequel i just said it waz gonna take place after re coded
  6. on the home page it said interview with namura and he said its takes place after re: coded
  7. ohhhhhhhhhhhh ok well they said it takes after coded so that explains the kh sora and riku
  8. well actually my first ds light R and L buttons broke easily to
  9. well its a rumor i heard and most arnt true but the 3ds will break easy but not as easy as the regular ds
  10. is it really gonna take that long for it to come out?
  11. i wouldn't say most people maybe alot of people but not most some dont got the money and i heard rumors it waz gonna be around 200 but i guess well just wait to see thanks for the facts and advice maybe the 3ds wont be as bad as the regular ds on my opinion and plz answer my question. Does the 3ds use game chips or disc?
  12. but the 2 screens are annoying id rather use 1 and the grip sucks and i hate saving my stuff in the damn game, memory sticks are better and what the hell is up with them breaking so easy
  13. probably to show off his x-blade jk, but he did say that all of the keyblade wielders fought for the x-blade
  14. but what im saying is that if they were to make it for the psp it wouldn't take as long as it would for a system thats not out yet sorry if im not making sense im having trouble putting it in words anyways some ppl already hav ps3 xbox360 psp and wii why not make it for those now and maybe later for 3ds? btw do the 3ds still use those chips for the games? jw
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