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About Me

Hey, SliceofLife here! I've been a part of kh13 for about 4 years now. I don't know many people who have the same interests as me, so it's great to find a place like this. Whether it be playing the games or constantly rewatching all the cutscenes, I think I'll always be into KH. It was a huge part of my childhood and I absolutely cannot wait for KH3!! If you couldn't tell by username, I also am really into animes. The Slice-of-Life genre is probably my favorite (surprise surprise), but I'm into a lot of different shows. I love making AMVs/GMVs but am somewhat an amateur when it comes to video editing. I'll leave a link below so please feel free to check out my videos! 


Youtube Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/SnapDiddly/videos


Current Favorites/Rankings

Song: Cheers (feat. Beenzino, Babylon) by Gaeko X Yankie


AMV: Into The Labryinth by Lolligerjoj


KH game: 

1. Kingdom Hearts II

2. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

3. Kingdom Hearts


Anime (Legendary): 

1. Avatar The Last Airbender (Yes I'm counting this as anime)

2. Steins;Gate

3. Clannad: Afterstory 


Anime (Personal favorites):  

1. Angel Beats

2. Beyond The Boundary

3. No Game No Life


Anime (Slice-of-Life Genre): 

1. Pet Girl of Sakurasou 

2. Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! (Disregarding season 2...)

3. Clannad: Afterstory



1. The Queen's Classroom

2. Reply 1997

3. Dream High 



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