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Everything posted by SliceofLife

  1. You bet! Even though I'm not great, I love making AMVs You can find the link on my profile!!
  2. Here it is. My top 20 favorite anime openings. Watch it. Love it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGQ-JpTVJ70&feature=youtu.be

    1. Skai


      heh, I like the intro

    2. SliceofLife


      Ahaha, I just had to use it xD

  3. My current music playlist consists of every and all mrsuicidesheep remixes.

  4. Spring semester, here we go... >_<

  5. Took a while but it's finally done :) Point Of No Return - Akame ga Kill AMV:

  6. Because how I could possibly rewatch Kyoukai no Kanata and not make a new AMV!

  7. Currently rewatching Kyoukai no Kanata and I can't believe I'd forgotten how great this show is. Like wow.

  8. Two more finals to go, time to level up.

  9. Guuuyyysss. New AMV is up, let me know what you think!! ^_^

  10. Never, and I mean NEVER, join a group msg with 50+ people. Unless you want to feel extremely popular (and have your phone explode). xD

  11. Haha and the snow has begun once again...

  12. TLOK ep. 5: the most Zhu Li has ever talked in the history of the entire show.

  13. I'm a born hater.

    1. Ruby Rose

      Ruby Rose

      That must get cynical

    2. SliceofLife


      Haha always X)

  14. I'm going to go travel the world. Who's with me?!?!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. SliceofLife


      Haha my bad, but yes let's go to all the worlds!! It's a life goal of mine to go to Neverland. ^_^

    3. Sei


      Neverland you say ? Hmm ^^ that's a good choice~ We can fly we can fly we can fly~~~^^ .

      Destiny Island would be cool for swimming and lying on the white sand =3 and I absolutly wanna know how paopu fruit taste ! =D

    4. SliceofLife


      Ahaha don't we all :)

  15. Construction at home and at work, haha there's no escaping it..

  16. In honor of Book 4 coming out this week!!

  17. *Watches trailer for book 4 of Korra* Holy crap... *Realizes I didn't finish the end of the video* HOLY CRAP!!

  18. Just updated my 'about me' page, check it out if you're interested!! :)

  19. It's been a week and I'm here to confirm the username. I want my name to be SliceofLife, thanks!!
  20. I want to change my username to SliceofLife. I'll confirm it in a week, thanks! ✌
  21. I wanna cosplay, but what character? Ahh there's too many, help me out!

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. littleTSUBAME


      Just cosplay a character that you like the most! :3 If you can't choose, pick the one that fits you the most.

    3. SliceofLife


      Hahaha Silent Hero you're awesome. Hmm I think I might go for either Rikka Takanashi or Makise Kurisu, haha they're very different characters. xD Thanks for the help guys!

    4. Kittenz


      Woah! those really are totally different characters xD

  22. It finally happened. Kingdom Hearts is now on QuizUp. I think my heart skipped a beat.

    1. Xiro


      *has a picture of Ven*

      Q: Who is this?

      A. Ventus

      B. Roxas

      C. Xion

      D. Sora

    2. SliceofLife


      E. All of the above xD

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