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  1. Ive watched some stuff from creepypasta and i have to admit its real scary but i dont "hate" it. The one thing I regret doing is watching the Secrets of Lavendar Town alone in my house when it was getting dark my dog barked and i almost peed myself
  2. Granted, but Mello stole it from you and set you on fire I wish I could go to the wild
  3. NOOOOO *cowers in the corner crying and not blinking*
  4. My attitude switches from "I SHALL HUG EVERYONE IN THE WORLD!" to "If you even get within ten miles of me I will bite your head off"

  5. Still dont know what's going on
  6. Granted, but it was set aflame I wish to be a Genie with a real roomy lamp
  7. I have no idea what's going on here
  8. Granted, but you cant get it becuz everyone else got it first I wish I could sing
  9. Skkelkajeoindjasjk dont make me choose I guess.. Mario? Hedgehogs or volcanoes?
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