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  1. Happy two years on kh13^^

  2. just wondering if 1.5 will come out on PAL because re:chain of memories didn't and im hoping that it will this time does anyone know?
  3. starting to save up some money, im going to dye my hair black with dark purple highlights. wat do you guys think?

  4. just beat kingdom hearts 2 on hard only using the kingdom key and basic wepons

    1. rikuluver15
    2. dusk


      i have done that almost on 100% but i havent beat sephiroth yet.

    3. dusk


      i have done that almost on 100% but i havent beat sephiroth yet.

  5. i want kairi and riku to go coz i want to see wat they would look like
  6. look up on youtube 'Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep - JUMP FESTA 2008 Trailer SUBTITLE' and look at the scences and most of the game play and none of it is in BBS and thats the trailer for the game if anyone knows whats up with that please reply.
  7. cant wait for kingdom hearts dream, drop, distance to come out

    1. Kinode


      Don't get too exited, it doesn't even have a release date yet...

  8. kingdom key, oathkeeper and oblivion, wayward wind and destiny's embrace
  9. Thats true but that still doesnt explain why Vexen said that the memory of twilight town is on the other side of Sora's heart.
  10. No, Roxas had Ven's heart. Sora's heart turned into the Shadow Heartless that we briefly played as, Kairi's heart returned to her, and Ven's stayed in Sora's body, which then became Roxas. That is why Roxas looks like Ven. Ven's heart changed the appearance of the body. It is also why he could Dual Wield after Xion was destroyed. Her destruction awakened the power within Ven's heart. So when Sora and Roxas merged at the begining of KH2, Sora gained the ability to Dual Wield because he got Ven's heart back. Thats true but that still doesnt explain why Vexen said that the memory of twilight town is on the other side of Sora's heart.
  11. Two problems with that. One, Xion was completely destroyed, all that remains of her are the memories that were in the Journal. So it is impossible for her you physically come back. Two, if Roxas does come back he'll be completely different, as he won't have Ven's heart anymore. He'll look similar to Sora and have no emotions, since he would lack a heart. but Roxas doesnt have Ventus's heart he shares Sora's it said that in kh:COM that the memories of twilight town are on the other side of his heart which is the Sora's heart that Roxas shares. if roxas was using Ven's heart, Vexen wouldnt of that it was Sora's heart that remembers. and Roxas doesnt have a heart he shares Sora's and that only gives him access to have emotions.
  12. dont forget that Ventus can talk to Sora (the mystious voice in kh1 and the beginning and end) so if Namine told Sora about CO he would go there and maybe Ventus would lead Sora to his body. and no one knows that Aqua's in the relm of darkness so how can they save her if they dont where she is maybe Ventus could find her with his Wayfinder, Aqua said she put "an unbrakable connection" on it maybe it could lead it to her and Terra. so i think...........Ventus, Aqua and Terra.
  13. 1.Namine was created when Sora stabbed himself the Keyblade of peoples hearts. at destiny islands because her heart didnt go out into the open it went straight inside Sora's body so no Nobody was created. 2.Namine is kairi's Nobody, when Sora stabbed himself with the Keyblade Roxas and Namine where created. Roxas using Sora's body, soul and darkness. Namine was created using Kairi's body and soul but using Sora's darkness. thats why she dosnt look exactly like Kairi like she should, she is like 3/4 Kairi and 1/4 Sora.
  14. Namine doesnt look exactly like Kairi because Kairi had no darkness in her heart so she was made of Kairi's body and soul but Sora's darkness and thats why she has that strong connection to Sora and has the power to mess with his memories and the also explains why Namine has no memories of her live before she was a Nobody.
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